Hunters and Bigfoot - The Basics.

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    Where is said Dr. Melba ?????

    AGFC says no cougars in Arkansas, but we see game cam pics of them all the time to show otherwise.

    Why has no credible Bigfoot ever shown up on a game cam ?????
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    Thanks for your post.
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    There are literally hundreds of game cam photos/videos of what the recorder says is bigfoot. Unfortunately, none of those videos or pics can be proven to be anything at all. This has been discussed for over 900 pages now.

    The clearest bigfoot photo in the world will not prove its existence. We all know that. Most of us post here to hear the stories, see the new photos/evidence, or just hang and razz others!

    PS, Tal, glad you are on "pace" to give us a lot more stories! I, for one, enjoy hearing about them! (The rest of y'all, too!!)
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    Thanks Bud, doing well. A Faulkner County report for you and the AH forum.

    A few weeks ago a friend asked me to call a fellow he knows well who wanted to tell me about a BF he saw six or seven month ago. I called him, we discussed his sighting & he agreed to allow me to post the details on this forum.

    The witness was driving north on State Hwy 36 in Faulkner County toward Mt. Vernon at about 5:00 PM. It was a clear day, with bright sunlight. He was approaching the middle bridge over the Muddy Bayou drainage system when he noticed a large hair covered animal standing erect close to the northern wood line in an open field that lay to the east of the roadway. He slowed down to watch the animal, and could see that it had red hair, was standing still and was at least seven feet tall. He watched it for about five second. It then it took two long steps and disappeared into the woods near a section of the Muddy Bayou drainage. He estimated the animal was about 100 yards from his position at that time.

    The witness stated with certainty that he had never seen such an animal before, and that is was not a person, or wild or domestic livestock that he saw.

    Note: At or near this location White Oak Branch, Bailey Branch and other small branches intersect with Muddy Bayou. There have been several other BF sighting reports from Faulkner and adjoining counties.
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    Hey Tal, have you seen this before? It's been around for years and is supposedly a game cam photo. What do you think, does it look authentic?

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    I really don't know, but I just can't buy it because of the light colored skin showing under the hair. Besides that, the hair is WAY too long. With hair that thin and that long, it would all be pulled loose if that Booger ran through one of those Blackjack Oak thickets in the Ouachitas. :oops:
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  7. Ok, I haven't posted on this thread in a good long while after several years of giving Tal and other believers hell about their belief in Bigfoot. I must apologize and say i was wrong. Within the last month i have spoken to 2 people who I trust and both have encountered a bigfoot personally. Another co-worker told me over a year ago that he also saw a Bigfoot in Scott County several years back. I can't believe I'm typing this but I'm also not too proud to admit when I'm wrong. I was the most skeptical person on this thread for years but I was wrong. Again, Tal please accept my sincerest apologies for the ribbings I gave you over the years.
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    Well, you dang well ought to apologize!! Hurt me to the core, couldn't sleep at night! :eek:But... uh.., could you refresh my memory about what you said that offended me so much, so I can get all PO'ed again and accept your apology? ;)
    Thanks man; I appreciate your post. The purpose of this thread was simply to make hunters think about the subject, and discuss it openly with others. Over the past two months I've received a slew of phone calls, e-mails and PM's from members of this and other forums from folks that have seen or heard these critters in AR this past hunting season. I plan on posting some basic do's and don't for hunters that happen to be at the right place at the wrong time.
    Again, thanks for the post, but really you owe me no apology. I'm just glad to had the guts to talk to others, and share your thoughts with the forum members
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    That's the main reason I'm convinced they exist, because someone that I knew to be honest (my dad) saw a creature decades ago that fits the description of a bigfoot. Because of that, I have read literally hundreds of reports over the last several years;many of those are too credible to dismiss. You didn't have to post this; you could have just kept this to yourself and we would never have known. You have my respect for your honesty.
  10. Thank you for the kind words. It’s crazy but I trust these guys with every fiber of my being. I didn’t bring it up to two of the three. One of the sighting was in Chicot County back in 2012. One was in National Forest land in Scott County during a heavy thunderstorm at night. The thing walked right out and crossed the road I front of them while they were driving. The other guy swears up and down he has one living near his house in Crawford County.
    I grilled all three of them and they weren’t budging. They were all adamant that they knew what they saw. The one from Chicot County scared my friend pretty bad. Said it was looking at him at night from about 20-30for away by sticking just his head out from around the tree. Two times from one side and the third from the other side of the tree. He said there was no doubt what it was and was really shaken up.
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    You are very welcome; you made my day! Do you think your friend in Crawford County would talk to me about that situation if I promise to keep his identity and location confidential? I try keep a personal file and map of BF sightings, encounters, especial those around residential property. Some of the animals are getting old and hunt and forage too close to such areas, and are killing livestock, poultry, as well as dogs that try to defend the home sites. Crawford Co, which adjoins Franklin Co, and Johnson Co which adjoins Franklin have a LONG history and large population of BF. I've spent MANY days and nights in Franklin and Johnson Counties, but only few in the northern part of Crawford. I can tell anyone a dead certain fact; Franklin and Johnson counties have some damn aggressive BF. The only place I've ever been by myself late at night when I thought two of the b------ds intended to trap me and rip my head off! The tree they pushed down to try to block me in was a hollow Sweet Gum that didn't fall in the right spot, or they might have done just that. About soiled my pants over that episode. I later found out that a squirrel hunter had emptied an auto .22 in a big one's back in that area a few years back. (Will try to find the report of that incident and post it on the thread.) By the way, there is a hollow on the west side of the Mulberry River that is named "Bigfoot Hollow" on Fed maps.
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  12. I feel pretty confident that this guy will talk to you. Let me know how you want to proceed.
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    Found that old report about the hunter that shot the BF with a .22 in Johnson County that I mentioned in that last post. The report is too long to post on the forum. If anyone cares to read it go to On the home page, in the left side column, click on "Encounters, Stories, Sightings. Letters". When the new page opens scroll down a little to the "Arkansas Reports" with the flashing letters. Click on the report that reads "Arkansas, Johnson County, 2002, shooting".
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    I'll send you my phone # by PM. He can call me, or if he wants me to call him, pass his number back to me by PM.
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    WinchesterModel70 Your story is similar to mine, I have for many years had a passing interst in BF. What got me on point was when a close friend spotted one. He didn't mention it for a year after the sighting for obvious reasons most people don't. But he knew I had an inteest in them and told me about it. He is a long time Hunter and woodsman so there is no chance of misidentification. This happened while he was muzzle load hunting I asked him what went through his mind. He said I had one shot and it won't be enough. But he beat it out of the woods without incidence. Since then I have been making inequities of hunters and woodsman I know. I was surrised at how many have had encounters with Boogers.
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    Outhouse: Did your friend mention the general location of his encounter? Sure would be interesting in knowing if he doesn't mind. Thanks for your post.
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    Yes the general location is within a few miles of the sighting North of the NLR airport. That' on the BFRO site.
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    In which direction?
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    Thanks, I appreciate the info. The pins on the map getting pretty close together up there.:cool:
    (Was that BFRO post one that I investigated?]
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    Se ark
    IMG_7944.jpg IMG_7946.jpg IMG_7948.jpg IMG_7949.jpg
    Found a squatch house this mornin