Hunters and Bigfoot - The Basics.

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    Look Tal! It's anniversary day for the beginning of this thread! And...

    nothing has changed!
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    N. Texas
    Yep, looks like the census left BF out again.
    Current US human population........325 million

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    Apparently the page has changed in the last few months, how do we private message each other now, i can't find an option.
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    :eek: You still haven't seen one!!!:oops: You're not sick and bedfast are you Bro? :(
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    The dang Demorats have tried for years to get'um on the census rolls so they can vote but they refuse to sign up. I've got the bunch up here leaning; they kind'a like Trump. Reckon it's his hair.
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    That makes two of us...
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    Well, you're right, in one sense. You haven't seen one, and I would have seen just one if the other two hadn't got too curious about an old man poking around in their back yards.:oops:
    (I kind'a think the pregnant female was a'wishing her mate had been as handsome and well dressed as me, but no way to know fer sure why she was giving me them fluttering eye lash looks and a'winking.);)
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    Hello, is Tal’s work available, his reports, sightings, data etc?
  9. Tal_H._Branco

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    Yes Sir, many of them are. Several field investigation reports from AR are posted on the www.bigfootencounters.comwebsite. (That website has more info on the subject than any other.) If you go to the site, look at the left side-bar and click on the Stories, Sightings, Encounters, Letters box. When that page opens, scroll down a bit to the Arkansas reports that have the colored & flashing word NEW at the end.

    There are several reports on the, but those investigation reports are from mostly from AL & WV, and a lot of them are included in the book I wrote and published a year or so ago.

    I did a few investigations here in AR for the Texas Bigfoot Research group a few years ago and I think they are still on their web site.

    About two years ago the Bigfoot Field Researcher Org (BFRO) asked me to do investigations of reports they received from AR residents, but I can’t do them all, just too many. I’m working on a few of those reports now, one of those was sent back in for publication on their web site a few days ago. (It takes a while, their people are inundated with published and unpublished reports.

    Thanks for the post; sorry about not responding sooner.
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