Hunters and Bigfoot - The Basics.

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    The World New Daily spreads fake news? Why do you say that? Just because all their photos are fuzzy doesn't mean it's fake, or does it?

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    BC, if that outfit's photos - or the hundreds of actual BF photos out there on the web - look as fuzzy to you as that one above your forum name, it may be that that your eyesight is failing, or you are partaking a little too much of Granny's rot gut hooch.
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    I bet it's the hooch talkin.
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    Heck, nothing terribly fuzzy about the picture over Beltcutter's name. That one's just as clear as many of the BF pictures we've seen. I thought it was just another squatch photo ....:)
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    Tal, what's your opinion on the alleged giant skeletons that are found--and forgotten--like those that are commented on by LA Marzulli and the likes?
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    That's always intrigued me.....
    I see a sign for a museum in east Tennessee that has some of them giant skeletons on exhibit. I have always wanted to stop, but never have the time.
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    Large, and in cases, huge hominid skeletons have been unearthed here in the North America as well as in several other countries.
    "A skeleton nine feet eight inches was recovered from a stone burial mound at Brewersville, Indiana in 1879. A mica necklace was around the neck, and a crude human image of burnt clay embedded with pieces of flint stood at the feet. The mound, between 3 and 5 feet high and 71 feet in diameter, was excavated by Indiana archeologist, scientific observers from New York and Ohio, a local physician, Dr. Charles Green, and the owner of the property on which the mound stood, a Mr. Robinson.
    The bones were kept by the Robinson family in a basket in a nearby grain mill. They were lost when a flood swept away the mill in 1937. (The Indianapolis News, 1975) [Published in "Mysteries of the Unexplained, Readers Digest, 1982]

    "Seven skeletons were found in a burial mound near Clearwater, Minnesota, in 1888. They had double rows of teeth in the upper and jaw lower jaws and had been buried in a sitting position, facing the lake. The foreheads were unusually low and sloping, with prominent brows. (The Saint Paul and Minneapolis Pioneer Press, July 1, 1888)


    At the center of one of the large Ohio burial mounds, excavators in 1891 found the skeleton of a massive man wrapped in copper armor. One the head was a copper cap, and copper moldings encased the jaws. The arms were clad in copper, and so were the chest and stomach. On either side of the head were wooden antlers encased in copper, and the mouth cavity was filled with immense but decayed pearls. Around the neck was necklace of bear's teeth inlaid with pearls. Beside the skeleton of the giant lay that of a woman.
    The remains were found at a depth of 14 feet in a mound 500 feet long, 200 feet wide, and 28 feet high. (Nature, 45:157, December 17, 1891)

    In 1973, near La Sal, Utah, bulldozers working to clear a rock plateau, found human bone fragments. In short, they they notified J.P. Marwitt, anthropology professor at from the University of Utah. He and others - along with a photographer, journalists and a number of interested observers, found the skeletons of two humans. Marwitt stated publicly that in his opinion the formation in which the skeletons lay buried was many millions of years old.

    There are hundreds of documented cases of human size, and much larger hominid sized footprints being found in solid rock formations in the U.S.A. which are millions of years old.

    Modern man still has a lot to learn about our past, some of which has been recently made public.

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    Thanks, Tal. Do think it's possible that some of these remains are actually what we call bigfoot?
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    With all the jewelry and copper armor?
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    "Seven skeletons were found in a burial mound near Clearwater, Minnesota, in 1888. They had double rows of teeth in the upper and jaw lower jaws and had been buried in a sitting position, facing the lake. The foreheads were unusually low and sloping, with prominent brows. (The Saint Paul and Minneapolis Pioneer Press, July 1, 1888)

    Those seven may not have been Bigfoot, but they certainly did not fit the description of modern man.
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    The strange thing about that is the copper was refined and worked long before modern men in North America discovered how to produce copper metal from the ore. Along that line, there are documented finds of various man-made tools and curious devices in ancient geological layers of rock that predate generally accepted ages of stone age man. Science has been mystified by these discoveries and has not been able to explain them. There is more and more evidence being gathered - and swept aside by most "scientist" - that appears to show a civilization existed on this earth long before this latest one. (It seems this one is at a supersonic pace to wipe itself out; maybe that's what the last one did.)
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    Diver, do you know where this is supposed to have happened? She mentions other people who "stay" in Stamps and Rosston, but otherwise there's no location mentioned (maybe intentionally?). There's also not a lot about what she actually saw. It's not very informative.
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    Don't know where it was.
    Went on a hunt with those guys about 10 years ago. It was supposed to be a live hunt. We were assigned to go out about 4 miles and drive them in toward a netting location. We did and we did have a large ape like creature observing us. At one point we had it in a clump of bushes about 10 feet from the guys in the lead. Guns pointed and flashlight on it. 1 flashlight with 5 people. I was trailing about 20 feet behind and had the flashlight.( A cheap 6 volt walmart flashlight from the days before led bulbs.) I heard something behind me in the brush and looked real quick. While the flashlight was off it, it took that opportunity to run into the woods behind it. { in my defense for moving the flashlight I had already seen it or another moving behind us on three occasions. } This was followed by a coyote type howl and another coyote type howl answer from back in the woods. We moved on and were on the receiving end of rocks thrown from the woods. 30 minutes later we got to the netting location but those guys had already left except for the leader of that group. (another story there) Have not seen the searching for bigfoot folks since then.
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    5 guys & only one flashlight, trying to drive something 4 miles thru the woods at night? & the guy with the flashlight was 20ft behind the lead guy? It's a wonder you guys didn't shoot each other. To top that off, only one guy left at the netting location ? The clowns from "Finding Bigfoot" are even better than that.:)
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    I am just telling you how it was. Believe me or not. Don't care. Our guns were never drawn except one time. Mine was holstered the entire time. After your eyes get adjusted you can see fairly well if your in the open, in the woods not so much so. SFB gave us a radio that was pretty useless. We had what we brought. The others did not bring a light. I had a working radio. How are you basing your claim that they are better than that? Read my third sentence again.
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    Keystone cops meets finding Bigfoot
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    These bigfoot people are always pitifully unprepared. Its almost like they do things so that the excuses are built in to the encounter...