Hunters and Bigfoot - The Basics.

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    How to Hunt is difficult to watch, apart from the backdrop. Dude rambles on like an ADD kid that missed his meds, gets upset because people don't believe him, and then tells you that he doesn't care if anyone believes him or not.

    I'll start watching again when he posts some footage or evidence.
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    Snapped a pic of a squatch on ny way hime this afternoon.

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    Hey, nobody said they were stupid :D
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    Anybody see this?
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    Wow! Wonder if he got what was left of it?
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    I’m calling BS on this one. Look at how neat the curve is where it was eaten. I’ve never seen any animal leave such a clean pretty curve .
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    You're probably right (sigh) because I can't find anything about this online. I'm sure there'd be something if someone thought they'd actually found a bigfoot hand.
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    Why I don't believe in BF because crap like that online and there hard to believe stories...
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    It's gonna take a body (or body part LOL) to confirm anything. There's too much ability to fake things these days with CGI, photoshop, etc.
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    Not if the MIBs took it.
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    Thanks for posting that, Diver. I had seen it before but it's been a year or two. I watched it this time on youtube and it's from April 2019 according to the info posted below the video (although it seems like longer than that since I watched it before). This was a series from the History Channel and it was interesting but for whatever reason, they didn't continue it. It's similar to the recent series "The Alaska Triangle" on the Travel channel. I enjoyed watching this again.
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    I don't know if they are real or not but I do like reading about them. I hope there are some squatch really out there. I'm 73 and have hunted in some pretty remote areas but have never seen any evidence. My grandfather died in 1968, he was 82, he told me stories of his neighbor down the road from his farm who had encountered a big hairy creature near his home. That was west of Magnolia, probably back in the 1920's. My mother also told me stories of this sighting.
    I don't know if this was real or just a old man telling scary stories to his neighbors.
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    Thanks for posting, twiceborn. The sighting west of Magnolia in the 20's, is not that far from the sighting my father had in 1940, a few miles east of Hope.
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    Did any of the stories come frrom Dink Aldredge ?????back in those olden days.

    He was always on the road going back and forth to the mill or he was tending acreage..... and his cow heard...... about 200 ac.

    Mr Truman Nix about 70 at the time, talked about the monster deer he saw leaving frog level heading "south" right by the cemetery. THE deer was walking down the fence of the cemetery going South .....He got shots at him but no luck.
    The deer was said to be built like a looooongg shetland pony, with belly close to ground and an arched Sunken back.... horns seemed to be everywhere.... walked slow.......
    He saw him at the cemetry and once down 344 to where it turns south towards MT Vernon

    Mr Nix and i together saw a lots of deer but none like the one he at the cemetery.

    Then come the lake and the houses, just thankful Frog Level is so well kept.This area has a nice piece of history of Magnolia, .........remember plans for Magnolia and Columbia county were formulated in that very house.......

    I think "FatBoy" will tell you their are no hairy men out there near Box Springs or Kilgore Lodge....,,, He lives around there now..Be worth a try.....
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    Allenn... Did you see that stringer of Bass from Murray lake way back then on this FaceBook link...But thats another story....

    Anyway This post came from your territory, ( and my home town) so just wondering if you have heard about this.... Think it happened May 5..... on the Bradley side of Lake Erling.
    My wife and I graduated from The Springhill High School back in 1959 and 1963. I had a few encounters back then as reported in some of my posts on this site a few years ago.
    Tal remembers them..

    My wife was reading about our old Home town Pharmacist Dr. A.C. Higginbottom's death (92).While she was reading FaceBook, there is a special portion on face book " Family and Friends of Springhill". ( It is closely monitored for "junk posters") and most of the posters are my age.... so we don't expect any BS to be posted there...

    When the mill closed in Springhill in the late 70s nearly all of the Springhill graduates had to leave town to find jobs... So we keep in touch by this link... It's about what a great town Springhill was during our growing up years... We still love it..... thats why we keep in touch with this faceBook page..

    This was posted: I think May 5....
    I'm leaving names out...
    The post reads....
    My husband comes home from work last night, puts down his lunch box, and tells me to come sit down, he has something to tell me. I could see his hands trembling, shaking pretty badly, and was on the verge of tears as he takes off his cap. Anyone that knows Walter, knows he's serious when he tells you something. I could tell he was shook-up pretty bad. I had no idea what he was about to tell me. I was in shock what he said. So was he!
    This is what happened.....

    We live on Lake Erling and last night, around 7 o'clock, my husband Walter, was driving home from work and had gotten on Hwy. 160 between Bradley AOG Church and the Lake Erling store heading east; right before you get to the road you turn off on that leads to the 41 bridge. Along that particular area, as he was driving, he's looking up ahead, and he said he's not really thinking about anything but getting home, he tells me...he glances up ahead, about 100 yards, on the right-hand side of the road, and he sees something very big and tall standing there, on that side of the road. What he said he saw was a real tall "Sasquatch"! Or "Bigfoot" as some people call it. He watched it turn around, walking, while swinging his long hairy arms, and go across in the ditch, and go up and land on the other side. He said, "He's kind-of a brownish color but his hair up around his shoulders and head had a red color to it as the sun was shining on him." He then said as he was getting closer to him, "He noticed when he got up on the other side he could see the movement of his hair around the shoulder, neck and head area and his head was above the tree limb he was next to as he continued walking into the woods." I asked Walter, "Did you slow down and look? He said, "NO! I had done seen too much!" So, if anyone else sees it, let us know.

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    I just copied and pasted this.... it was close to the old Taylor Deer Club and the Lafayette wildlife management area.. I knew that area well as I lived at Sandy Point.... back then.... After I graduated from Arkansas etc.. i moved to the Magnolia area... My father and I hunted at the Kress City Club west of the Mars Hill Area ....
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    Loggers report reads......

    Wet....really wet.....Mud.....really Muddy
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