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I left the house around lunchtime. Since my snake boots were muddy from hunting at Cypress Bayou yesterday I wore my sneakers with the intention of swapping over to the snake boots after getting to the wma. 10 miles from the wma I relized my snake boots were still sitting by the garage door! I knew I was going to have to tread lightly.

I haven't scouted at HG so I arrived early enough to poke around a little bit to find a likely looking spot. Found it only 200 yards from the truck. I went up the tree and was sitting less than 20 yards from a nice worn trail crossing a oak flat.

About an hour later I heard a stomp behind me and looked that way only to see a tail waving goodbye. The rest of the afternoon was pretty void of life except for birds.

Just before dark I decided to shoot a hex head at a leaf on the trail to see if I could nail it with my recurve. All of my shooting so far has been from ground level. I center punched the leaf and was happy about the shot. I still had about 5 minutes of light left but decided to come on down and get the treestand ready for the walk back to the truck. I lowered the bow and came down the tree in my climber. Once on the ground I looked at the trail again and saw a doe about 20 yards away watching me. She must have been snickering to herself the whole time.:smack:

Luckily I didn't need the snake boots as I walked out in the dark. I don't know if it was because I investigated every square inch with the flashlight before taking a step or if the bigfoot side trailing me scared them off.
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