Hunted down and killed because he did'nt have a trapping license!!

Discussion in 'Trapping' started by 10pointman, Dec 27, 2010.

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  2. thanks for posting! that was very intersting!

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    Pretty good read
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    Great read. They don't raise them like that anymore.
  6. One of my Christmas gifts was a book (The Mad Trapper) about this man..:up:
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    The days are gone when a man could go and just be left alone and do as he pleased. That's when America was really America.
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    Great story. They puzzled over who he was and where he came from, but that was a time of great upheaval, lots of folks on the move during the Depression. Many folks got "lost" to the official world.

    Wouldn't it be nice to do that today?
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    Or Canada....
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    I think they made a movie loosely based on this that had Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin in it...d2
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    They did. That and Jeremiah Johnson are two of my older favorite movies.
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    What is the name of the movie about the trapper?
  13. Death Hunt (Charles Bronson) and Challenge to be Free..
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    Ok Poly, I'll look for those two.:thumb:
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    good read
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    Jerimiah Johnson

    Good read - Saga of liver eating Johnson - check it out
  17. who and how would we react if we could go into the wilderness and live likethis man did i for one have always been able to survive by my self if it were not for my family i would head out into wild
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    Hunted down & killed

    Read it again-- He was bothering other peoples trap lines and he fired first, wounding an officer of the law! :confused:
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    I actually lived a trappers life for a few months once - except it was in Louisiana, there was hardly any snow, it was not as cold, I could go to town to buy food, no problems lighting fires or cooking food, I was not chased by the law, and I did have a trapping license - in other words, nothing like what this guy did. I graduated college with a degree in Wildlife Management in Nov of 1977. Jobs were scarce, so I took to the woods and lived in a tent for three months. Traveled by canoe. Land was not posted in those days, so traveled the waterways and camped where I wanted. Came out once a week to buy groceries and sell fur. Ate lots of nutria. Trapped mostly nutria, beaver, otter, coon, with a few fox and cats thrown in the mix. This is when coons averaged $20 and cats were $100. Yotes were even bringing $25. Beaver in the low $20's and nutria $5 to $7. Tough job - had to work no matter the weather. I was young and dumb so did not matter. (now I am old and dumb) Frostbite on my left thumb (it still looks like a yote got ahold of it). Good times. I would like to do that again one day - for a week during good weather and with a boat that had a motor!
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    Yes,You're right.But did that warrant A posse and Dynamite? I don't think so.He shot because he was threatened.The point is that he was hunted down and killed unjustly! He was not a criminal.I did'nt read of any proof saying the HE had tampered with someones traps.That was hearsay.Possibly someone making it look like it was him.
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