hunt high or low?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by realhunter, Dec 14, 2012.

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    People talk alot about thermals and temperature. I try to keep these things in mind. But it has been difficult over the years to know when deer will travel to ridges or valleys. Anyone seen any consistency on their high/low strategy? I hunt the hills in nwa. Interested in hearing from yall!
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    IMO, deer will travel the easiest route to and from their bedding area to their food source. When doing this, they will travel up or down the hills and it really doesn't matter. You just need to get somewhere between the two things they need everyday, sleep and food. My :twocents:

  3. realhunter

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    I think I might agree...yell. I have never been able to establish any connection with thermals and direction of travel. Anyone else?
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    My experience is based in hunting on a mountain in Yell County. I joined the club I am in this year and have been scrambling to to learn how to hunt in the hills instead of the bottoms. Thermals will kill you. You can play the wind on ridges, below the ridges the wind swirls. As the sun rises and temps rise, so will your scent. Determine the seasonal wind direction of the wind for the time and area. If you hunt high in a tree set up just below the ridge line on the side that gets sun first. Have a good entry and exit to keep from bumping em on your way in especially.

    I use a ground blind to control scent from wind direction and thermals. Depending on terrain and wind direction, I have different entry and exit strategy for different circumstances. If you are bow hunting it is particularly important to set up high because of shot angles. Up slope shots are much more difficult than down slope because of the view from the blind windows. From a tree up high you still need to set up high. If you are low, you will be much more visible to deer that approach from high.
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    I grew up hunting the ouachitas. Ive always hunted high in the mornings and lower in the evenings. I think my morning strategy works but we rarely ever killed bucks in the evenings in those mountains for one reason or the other.
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    Bmc...interesting. I find your comment to be accurate from my experience. I have noticed the deer traveling west to east...just below the ridge line....right on the upper edge of the funnel. But I don't understand yet if they will only use the warmth of the sun on cold days only...or will they even do that in October? By the way..I have deep roots in yell county. I grew up hunting there. My grandparents are the Carters.