Hummingbird HDR 610 in-dash digital depth finder???

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  1. ArkArcher

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    Any of you with boats had any experience with the Hummingbird HDR 610 in-dash digital depth finder? I have a ski boat I want to get a depth finder for it but want the clean look of the in-dash finder. here is the one i'm talking about if some of you have one but can't remember the name/brand.

    Thanks for any help! :thumb:
  2. flintknapper

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    I've been hankerin' for one of those myself, but don't know anybody who has one, anybody out there have one?? :confused:


    RAMBUSTER Well-Known Member

    I had one one time in a ski boat myself, seemed to work ok on Greers Ferry lake while skiing.
  4. Buba Garrett

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    I have friends that have them and use them they work fine- the thing you have to watch for is the time delay on some digital models- they are alil slower than a flasher is on reading the depth especially at a hi speed but then again depending on how fast you are going and how shallow you get even the flashers just tell you what you are going to hit:smack: