Huckleberry Finn Censorship

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    I'm pretty much against any form of censorship for works that are released to the public. Different deal altogether if you're participating in a board forum (such, and the moderator deletes your post for something said or inferred.

    I think Mark Twain (aka Sam Clements) used the "N" word because that was conversational english in the south during his time. For that matter, for most of my time (and I turn 38 Saturday) it's been the same way. The problem is that the book survived the adjective use of the "N" word (or the word's original intent evolved into something derogatory). Either way, it's being changed - which might be good so that kids will have the ability to read it in public schools (I guess).

    As for "injun," it's the same thing. Some too with the old Bugs Bunny cartoons with the Chinaman, or anytime an explosion happened on Tom & Jerry they turned into Sambo. People have a tendancy to get their little feeling hurt way too easily, but what do I know? I'm just a whitebread cracker from Gravel Ridge, AR.

    -N- (oops - I meant -b-)

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    Having just recently read Farenheit 451, and drawing parellels with the world around us. It's only a matter of time, before all books will be banned.

    (I'm not talking soon as in next year, but possibly before I die. I'm 32).

    This is what happened in that novel. First words were changed, then stories were shortened, then books were banned all together. All because it might offend somebody.

    And being almost 1/2 indian myself, the word injun doesn't offend me one bit.

    So yeah, I'm against rewriting Mark Twain. He wrote some very good stuff. I think my favorite novel is A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

    The real truth is that IMHO his novels are very against prejudice in any form or fashion. By censoring his work, we are losing parts of American history that we can never get back. He may not be politically correct for this time period, but that doesn't make him wrong. Heck Hemingway was a terrible writer (again IMHO).
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    Are they going to rewrite and republish ever dang rap song ever written. Words are only bad if the listener wants them to be. I can call you a redneck and you may take it as a complement or an insult. That's up to you. We are just a hair off from the thought police from 1984, or was it Brave New World? I have the right to believe what I want. I can love, hate, or feel anything that I want. If I commit a crime it's because I'm a criminal, not because I think something.

    There is no gray area in this. Censorship is bad.
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    I don't agree with it. If Mark Twain had wanted to say 'slave' instead of the "n-word" he would have written it that way. He was not a man to mince words. Grammar maybe :doh: Besides, no amount of modern censorship will affect how my 1st edition copy from 1901 will read :up: I'm a big Twain fan and have several early print editions and I'm always looking for more. I'm reading his autobiography now (and will be for the foreseeable future - big book with lots of words in tiny print, and it's only volume 1 of 3 :smack:
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    In other news, To Kill a Mockingbird‘s ending is being changed so that Tom is acquitted and everyone goes out for ice cream, and a chaperone is being written into Lord of the Flies.

    Okay, I was exaggerating about the last two, but they may not be far off, considering that a new version of Mark Twain’s American classic Huckleberry Finn is being edited to replace instances of the n-word with “slave,” as well as removal of- I am not kidding about this- the word “Injun.”

    Thats a snippet from a news article I was reading about this earlier today. Its stupid. People are so worried about offending other people, I could care less who I offend. I wont intentionally go out of my way to offend someone, but if the way I speak offends you....tough cookies. I am not going to change what I say or how I say it simply because it "might" offend someone.
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    I don't even think they had slaves in Huckleberry Finn? It was published in 1876, well after slavery had been abolished. That's just the way people talked back then. If you change it, you change the meaning of the work. I don't agree with using the N word this day and age, but then again I don't agree with a lot of things the "Great" writers wrote from way back when. His work is a classic piece of American history and should be left as such.
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    When I was a kid back in the 70's most of the older folks that I knew, black and white, used the "N word", Negro, black, colored all the same. It was just a part of the language. It would be much like censoring the word "Dude" out of today's language. With the cleaning up of the language it diminishes the points that Twain was making and whitewashes part of our history.
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    I'm all for censorship applied evenly across the board! Change President to :censored:head, and congreesman to crooked:censored:, and politician to lyin:censored: and get the point.:up:
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    Oh, I left out one important one: liberal democrat to traitorous:censored:pile of horse:censored:!:razz:
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    I'm sensing that you might be a little :censored: off? :fit:
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    .............and I remember when he was posting on this forum that there was no differences between the democratic and republican parties. I guess mr obama is has done some "good" after all.
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    An excellent point. Slavery was abolished in 1865 I think. Ignorant, Liberal idiots so worried about a group of people getting offended (that aren't even complaining about the book) they are wanting to rewrite an American classic. Guess they're showing how unAmerican they are. I wonder if Mel Brooks could make "Blazing Saddles" this day and age. I've heard black guys say that was one of the funniest movies they've seen. Do you think these Liberal fools would say stereotyping hillbillies in "Deliverance" was bad?
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    Post like these and thoughts like these always make me wonder what the world would be like today if the South had won the War of Northern Aggression.

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    So why do all the blacks use it freely on the TV, in Rap, and daily ebonomic's?

    I use it, and will until "they" quit using it. And they never will. Cause............ oh nevermind! :banghead:
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    All crooks are crooks.....and to this remains to be seen if the party in power can drag their butts up outta the ditch and do what The PEOPLE hired them to do. Government by the people!:flag:
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