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Hoyt Kobalt

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I've been shopping for a bow. So far the Hoyt Kobalt is my favorite. Any of y'all out there have any experience with them? Maybe your wife or child has one? Next in line was the Parker Buckshot, but I still like dthe Hoyt Kobalt better.

If any of you have any other suggestions I need to look at please let me know.

If I get a bow now I'll have 9 months to practice. I'm ready to start now. :biggrin:
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Bett, I'm shopping for a new bow too. Good luck! I've shot a bunch, and I cant decide which one to go with! They're all so nice!
I really like the looks of the Kobalt, makes me wish I wanted a girlfriend bad enough to buy one for.
I picked up a bow for the first time Saturday and when I let that arrow fly it felt so good! :biggrin: When I went to BassPro Monday, the 2nd time I picked up a bow, I even hit consistently. I'm already counting down to October 1st and I haven't even bought the bow yet! :smack:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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