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Howa 22-250 sell/trade on treedog *

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Howa 1500 in 22-250. Tack driver. Synthetic stock. Nice shape and a shooter. 500 or trade on a treedog. 479-883-5827. I can text pic if anyone is interested or I will post when I get time in a few days.
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Intersted in a black and tan gnc nite champion out of set um up ace
I could be. You can give me a call after 7pm tonight. Thanks
good looking gun! i have a hard treedog but she would cost a little bit,give me a call if your intrested.its the legend female on here. 5012885263
this will probley be a Bump,, But RD iv got a beagle down heer that will************ well ill stop lieing right now,,, nice looking shooter
Does the scope come with it? If so what is the specs/brand?
Scope comes with it. Older (a better) Tasco 4x16x40 adjustable AO with flip covers. Sling and two full boxes of ammo.
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