How was your deer season

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Buba Garrett, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Buba Garrett

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    I hunt in South Ark-Union County and it had to be one of the toughest year we have had in a long time- mind you we harvested allot of deer just not the quality we normally take. We also took well over 30 hogs off the lease this year as well. I had a rabbit hunt 2 weeks ago and I saw more fresh rut activity-even bucks fighting and chasing does than I did the whole season combined:smack: Add to that that 2 weeks ago acorns are still falling from the trees made it a challenge. Was wondering how others rated there year!
  2. Could of been better, could of been worse, I will give it a grade of a "B"

    Quality seemed to be lacking this year on our lease, numbers were about the same, weights were down a little from what i can tell. I think we had 28 hogs killed, and I still ain't seen one since before season

  3. possum

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    I have no major complaints over all even though I only took one deer, I did see enough to make me feel better about what will be around next year.

    Buba, I'm glad you mentioned the rut activity. The first weekend of January I saw a buck chasing. If he wasn't, he just happen to be at a hard run in the same direction as the doe directly in front of him.
  4. JR

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    Any time I get meat in my freezer I call it a succesful season. :thumb:
  5. live2hunt

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    It just got a lot better for me Sunday when I finally killed a buck. That makes 4 kills for me this year - 2 doe and a buck and a hog all with my bow!! I saw a couple of bucks checking scrapes and rubbing trees on Sunday when I killed mine.
  6. bett_lou

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    It was a great season for me. One buck and one doe, so far. May up that today. :biggrin: Finally got a few trail cams this year and I know what I have out there. Of course knowing that big one's out there is driving me insane but I love, love, love the cameras. Going and checking them is as much fun as the hunt itself.
  7. fredbear

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    Can't complain here either. My wife killed a deer on her second ever bow hunt. I killed my first hog ever with my bow two days after I killed a decent 8 point in the first week of Nov.
  8. Tony Harris

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    I got to hunt with my dad again this year. He had a quad by pass this summer and still isn't up and getting after it like I remember him from years past. He and several others in our lease are old family friends that I have known since I was barely walking. I don't know how much longer they will physically be around but the memories they have left me will always be there. We laughed about things that happened in the past. Sat and talked over cake and coffee. It was a good year.

    My wife tagged out. I killed one but am still hunting when I get the chance. Hogs will be doing good just before spring turkey season and yes, we are seeing chasing and big boy is back in the house. He doesn't show up until this time of year or at least hasn't for the past three years now. Rubs are on thigh sized trees, side by side from this year and last.

    Got to laugh and reminese with friends, got to high five my wife on her hunting accomplishments, got to take pictures of a kids first deer and pig the same was a good year.
  9. Buba Garrett

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    Dont get me wrong it was a good year- just didnt harvest what we thought but with what Tony said anytime you can spend time with family and friends is a good year! I did get a doe with my bow- got a couple of hogs several yotes and passed on some decent bucks waiting on that Big one so all in all it was a success:thumb:
  10. jeffb243

    jeffb243 Well-Known Member

    this has been my first multiple deer year, 8 point and a doe. Im in a new deer camp and not many people actually hunt, so i can hunt wherever.

    The season is not over i setup a new bowhunting spot where ive been getting pics of does and an old big 7. Im gonna try to get one more before the season ends.

    If its been a bad year for some of you then just remember, THERES ALWAYS TURKEY SEASON!!!!!!!!!
  11. bhays

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    It's been so-so for me... Didn't get to hunt as much as usual or see as many deer as I usually see, but did take a decent 8 point during gun season and a doe bowhunting. I'll probably try to make a couple more bowhunts before the end of the season since the ducks aren't here in my part of the state.

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Like someone else said, meat s in the freezer, so it was a good year !!!! I got a doe with MG and another with ML.......Gunner's mate also got a doe with MG.............saw lots of bucks, just not legal by our management .......we killed several nice bucks and to my knowledge, only 1 was illegal (by mgmt), and the guy was sick..turned out to be a nubbin, and it counts as a buck, it was shot as a doe!! Xbow hunted last weekend and saw about 35-40 deer, just one within bow range.........Gunner's Mate was gonna do the shooting, and it was her first time with a bow, so I think she is hooked......alreay hinting about buying her one for next season :biggrin:
  13. elwaller

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    Had a good year. My son got a really nice 8 pt and a hog, my wife got a buck with her MZ, and I got 2 nice 8 pts.Saw lots of other bucks, of which several were legal, but they were left for next year, hopefully a lot bigger.
  14. Down on the White

    Down on the White Well-Known Member

    I got one this year and now I am out of meat hope to get another one before season ends.:thumb:
  15. johnf

    johnf Well-Known Member

    My year stunk. I moved and didn't have time to scout so I was hunting blind. I didn't see much and didn't kill anything.

    First time in 8 years that I've been skunked.:censored:
  16. BuzzBait

    BuzzBait Well-Known Member

    This has to be one of the worst years I have had for mature deer. I have only seen two deer that was probably over the age of 3.... I have seen a ton of deer and small bucks but could not find a mature buck to save my life...
  17. Triple Threat

    Triple Threat Well-Known Member

    It's been my worst year in a long time. Didn't have the opportunity to shoot a deer in TN. Shot once at a doe with my bow in AR and missed!:smack: Took a rushed shot at a doe in AR with my rifle and missed!:smack: Just didn't see many deer during muzzle-loading or modern gun. Seeing tons of them now but they're managing to stay just out of my range!:smack:
  18. Pretty good year..........having a good time still.

    Still trying to get down and get one with a a week or two.

    But ever so slowly I feel a gobble in my gut!:wink:
  19. Manybeards

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    It was a good year I'm just getting to picky on what I shoot!
  20. austincrutchfield

    austincrutchfield Well-Known Member

    The number of deer i seen was down from the last 2 years but i did kill the biggest buck of my life and a doe so im happy. Still got me another 8 point picked out for bow season