How to transport a firearm

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    Does anyone know how to properly transport a firearm in Arkansas? I have heard a few different things such as the gun(s) must be unloaded and the ammo and firearm must be out of arms reach of each other unless you have your ccw liscense. Which is fine when I'm driving the quad cab, but if I decide to take my single cab out keeping weapon and ammo out of arms reach might be tricky.
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    don't know about a quad but in a auto as long as its unloaded and in plain view your ok on the seat right next to you is ok. a cop on this board said they prefer they are in a case but no law saying you need to.

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    Well I was on my way out to Mayflower AGFC gun range about a year or so ago and got pulled over. I was goofing off with my 10yr old son in the truck and kinda went onto the shoulder of I-40. Anyway the trooper pulled my over and I rolled down my window and waited for him to walk up. He stops at the back of my truck and kinda did a double take and then looked at me. I leaned out the window and said "we are going to the range". He started joking with my son and before all was said and done we were showing him our guns. What started all this was a dry box had come open holding my .50 cal rounds and I had about six other dry boxes (not all with ammo in them) back there. The entire back seat of my truck was full of everything from a .22 to a .50bmg. The trooper was very nice and told me to focus on the road a little better. I have been pulled over now twice in my life with MULTIPLE firearms and not one time have I had a problem.
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    Thank you very much! Don't have a case for my 9mm, but I keep it holstered and snapped in the seat next to me or on the console. I keep all my ammo in a zipped bag in the floor. I can't wait to get my cc liscense. I shoot alot and have a weapon in my truck most of the time. I'm just glad I live in a small country town in Arkansas and not in the North East anymore where carrying a gun legally in your car is more common.
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    You can go to State Police web site, it has all the gun law on it. I believe you must keep ammo in a box away from the gun unless you have a concel carry permit.
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    hand gun mostly. I like to make a daily cruise around the land to take care of any snapping turtles on the ponds that but up against county and city roads.
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    thank you for the links. That was perfect!
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    here in AR we usually transport our guns in one of those gun racks that mount to the back glass:razz: