How much speed will a pt35 give me?

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  1. easton

    easton Well-Known Member

    Im thinking about buying a pt35 to go on my 1648 WE with a DT 25 motor but im wondering how much more mph it will give?
  2. jla

    jla Well-Known Member

    It may or may not make a difference in the top end number. Setting it up on the bracket or on the transom has the same challanges and results vary. You can get further up with the motor, reducing drag, in turn increasing top end.

    The benefit is being able to trim the motor to the best position for various loads. You will see more consistant speeds across the boats different loads.

  3. QCDually5.9

    QCDually5.9 Well-Known Member

    No one can truthfully tell you how much faster the boat will go. It will add to the performance. Since your boat is not a 'pad hull', it should not be expected to gain the 6 or 7 mph or more that is normal with power trim on the bigger boats. Probably the best features gained is that you no longer have to adust the pin for best performance for the particular run. The plate will add afew more degrees of negative trim. So hole shots will be much improved. Running all out for top speed can change from run to run if the weight is moved around in the boat or surface conditions change. The trim plate allows for you to adjust the props angle while 'on the fly'. All in all, I would highly recommend the plate. Just dont expect it to add 10 more hp.
  4. keeb

    keeb Well-Known Member

    From what I have seen, if you are going to run through an area that you are jumping logs and hitting stumps & etc then I wouldn't buy one. I have seen the PT35 fail first hand. I would go with the PT130 if you were going to get one. :shrug:
  5. QCDually5.9

    QCDually5.9 Well-Known Member

    If you are a stump jumper, I too would recommend the pt 130. It's a heavier duty unit that will take more abuse. The pt35 will do just fine but isn't really designed for the stump jumper.
  6. NaturalStateNative

    NaturalStateNative Well-Known Member

    There is just a significant weight difference between the pt-35 and the 130. I think my pt-130 with the bracket for clamp on motors weighs over 50 lbs. I didn't put it on a scale but that's about how heavy it feels