How many?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by cables, Dec 16, 2010.

Mark all that apply for this season.

  1. I have not shot at a deer with a gun this season.

  2. Shot at & missed a deer(s). Did not bother to look for sign becuase it was a clean miss.

  3. Shot at & missed a deer(s). Looked for sign of a hit but found none.

  4. Shot at & thought I missed a deer(s), but found sign.

  5. Shot and harvested a deer(s) this season.

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  1. cables

    cables Well-Known Member

    Ok, the poll on bowhunting losses was asked but no one has asked about gun hunting. So be honest and mark all that applies.
  2. cables

    cables Well-Known Member

    Differnt point to be established.

  3. pruitt76

    pruitt76 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, sorry. I deleted my comments. I didn't see your poll questions when I made my comments and thought you were asking how many had been lost.
  4. Whiskey River

    Whiskey River Member<br>2007 Bowhunting Contest Team Winner<br>2

    Pulled the trigger one time and killed a doe. :thumb:
  5. cables

    cables Well-Known Member

    No problem Pruitt, I just have heard a lot of stories of clean misses, but they never take the time to look. And 2 stories this year where someone had a shot come running by them and fall dead in eyesight and no ever came to find the deer, 1 person even went searching for the shooter and never found anyone to claim it.
  6. pruitt76

    pruitt76 Well-Known Member

    The deer I shot, I hit perfect. Honestly I didn't find any sign on the lane he was standing on and I knew exactly where he was standing. I looked first with a small light, no sign. I went to the truck to get a bigger light, no sign. I'm shooting a 280 and there is usually a dead deer or a great blood trail, but not this time. Not even a hair that I could see. In my mind I was already chalking it up as a miss, but I had help on the way and I wasn't about to give up. To the point... The deer ran into a wide open row thin and I found him in the brush only about 60 yds from where I shot him. It's possible that there was sign there somewhere, but I never found any. Always give it 100% on your recovery efforts even if it looks like a miss. An extra set of eyes or two from a friend never hurts either. :thumb:
  7. cables

    cables Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean, I search passed the resonable about of time whether it is mine or a friends, but there are a lot of poeple that are in the mindset if he did not drop or not a splatter of blood where he was then they just missed.
  8. Arkiehunter74

    Arkiehunter74 Member<br>2011 Turkey Contest Winner<br>2015 Sprin

    Well for the first time in a long time, I am in the category of missing a deer. Carried my wife out, and leaned my gun against my 4-wheeler as I helped her get set up. Gun fell and hit the ground. Something in my mind told me it was going to be off, but I went ahead and hunted. Doe stepped out at less than 100 yards, I put the cross hairs on her eye and touched the trigger. Seen dirt fly up about thirty yards behind her and she stood there looking at me. I just put my gun up and sat there the rest of the evening. I did walk down looking for any sign I could of hit her, but typically with 150 grain silver-tip she would of dropped in her tracks. From such a small fall, my cross hairs were busted and jumping with every shot. Replaced the scope the next day and killed one that afternoon.
  9. FTR I have never lost a gun-hunted deer.

    I have lost one muzzleloader deer and two bowhunted deer.
  10. coonnutz

    coonnutz Well-Known Member

    I have not shot at any deer with my gun this year.
  11. mossyhorn

    mossyhorn Well-Known Member

    I have never shot at a deer with a gun and im very proud to say that!!!!:biggrin:
  12. Mr. Chitlin

    Mr. Chitlin Administrator Staff Member

    NE Ark
    I pulled the trigger twice, dropped 2 deer.

    My son pulled the trigger once, dropped one deer.
  13. buckhorn

    buckhorn Well-Known Member

    Me. my wife and 3 kids. Kids age 11, 15 ,17
    Pulled the trigger 9 times, drug out 9 deer.
    3 Muzzleloader deer
    6 modern gun

    4 drt
    5 tracking jobs. Average tracking about 40 yds.

    All shots from 40-90 yds
  14. gutpile

    gutpile Well-Known Member

    i havent fired a shot from my rifle yet....been letting my 6 year old shoot. hes shot 4 times.

    1 shot- 1dead doe
    1 shot-one dead spike
    1 shot-one miss
    1 shot-one gutshot (it happens with the youngens):smack:
  15. SARAH

    SARAH Well-Known Member

    Really?? I wouldn't be....:whistle: But whatever good for you. But in answer to the question I haven't taken one with a gun this year but not for a lack of trying cant wait for christmas hunt
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  16. dirtdart

    dirtdart Well-Known Member

    Bad season for me. Took leave. Arrived home from Afghanistan on the 9th of Nov. Went to visit an Uncle in the hospital on the 10th. He passed away on the 11th. Just didn't feel like hunting after that. I let two eights and a nine walk within 15 yards of me. If they make it they'll be nice ones next year. Spent a lot of time shooting my bows and rifles. Just none at whitetail. Maybe next year.
  17. Juice

    Juice Well-Known Member

    Killed a 9pt with my Muzzleloader at 45 yards. The gun was sighted in high at that range which I never took into consideration and almost missed him. Split the tenderloins and broke his back. Took an extra shot to finish him off and put him down for good.
  18. BowMadness00

    BowMadness00 Active Member

    2 does and a small buck with my DXT. Two with a rifle...found all of those. Misses a doe during ML Season...was ashamed. All in all...great year.
  19. Missed a buck at 40 yards while still huntin. I had to hold on him for well over a minute waiting till he cleared some pine trees.....buck feva took hold, I've never got so tore up over a deer. I thought I'd made a good shot, but found a few white hairs and a little piece of skin with a few blood. Thank goodness the shot wasn't a half inch higher.....though I wish it would have been three or four inches higher!!
  20. You're not the idiot....I mean, feller that made the "bullet slingin yahoo" statement a couple of years ago are ya?