How many deer lost with a bow?

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How many deer lost with a bow?

  1. I know of at least one

    7 vote(s)
  2. I know of more than one

    8 vote(s)
  3. no way a bow can wound a deer

    0 vote(s)
  4. i know of none

    5 vote(s)
  1. please complete both polls so we can have some true results.
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    :censored: this :censored: is getting old. I looked for the delete button but I ain't got one here. :banghead:

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    I wish people would get banned for this BS.
  4. REM870

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    is this for this year or in general. this year know of 3 or 4 lost with bow, lifetime prolly 20-30. With gun this year zero. lifetime maybe 2 or 3 times, probally clean misses but still pursued.
  5. REM870

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    not me, that i know of. :smack:
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    here is :twocents:, pay attention......
  7. yes just this year. hey for the ones mouthing. this is goign to actualy put up some numbers. so if you dont want to put in your input you dont have to awnser. :up::wink:
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    :banghead:Can't help ya:mad:
  9. SARAH

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    Ya it is and just for the record I have NEVER LOST A DEER with any form of equipment not that I am some master marksman I just know what shots I can and cant take and dont try to pull something out my arse.. I think that is what a lot of ppls problem is just my two cents wish everybody would quit whining about losing animals and blaming it on equipment granted there may be a handful of times something fails but own up I think at least 80% of lost animals are crappy shot placement not because it was shot with a bow or a gun the operators are the problem just my .02 though.
  10. THExONE

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    These numbers were not good enough for you????

    View Poll Results: If you have lost a deer this year, which method was used?
    Modern Gun 17 22.67%
    Archery 51 68.00%
    Muzzleloader 7 9.33%
  11. nope
  12. F B

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    Alot of people visit this site and read stuff like this.

    Does anyone really think its a good idea to constantly put hunters in a bad light with stuff like this?

    Ive hunted since I was old enough to walk behind my dad. Thats well over 40 years and in that time Ive probably wounded or lost just about every game animal, predator, and varmint we have in the state but I dont see what good it would do anybody for me to get on here and talk about it.

    Ive never aimed at anything and intentionally tried to wound it and Im sure thats how most others are too. It just happens sometimes.
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    man yall sure are touchy.:biggrin: