How long will it be before we all face this?

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    MARYLAND Catholic School to be replaced with the largest Islamofascist Indoctrination Center in America

    Howard County residents prepared for a long battle to prevent a massive display of Islamic domination to dominate their quiet rural community. Plans for the Islamic center include a K- 12 school, 5-story mosque, a university, welfare office, publishing company, medical facility, and more. All designed to create a Muslim city in America – a ‘NO GO’ zone for non-Muslims. Think of it as the American version of the London Tower Hamlets Muslim enclave.

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    A friend of mine just moved from Whashington State and he said they have took over his hometown where he grew up! He said they came down from Canada and started buying up most of the land around town. After two years he said they own most of the land and operate most of the Business. Just thought I would post that it is a different area but sounds similar.