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How long have you turkey hunted?

How long have you turkey hunted?

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Turkey hunting seems to be growing in popularity so I thought Id put up a poll to see how long everyone has been turkey hunting.
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About 4 years for me but have not ever really taken it serious until this year.
this is my 6th year hunting turkeys on my own. went a couple of times w/my f-i-l. been more lucky than good.
This will be the 16th spring!
I was stung hard the first time I ever went I killed one!!! I'll never forget that day!!!
I think my first turkey hunt was in 1970 in Scott county. I did not kill one but had several close and just could not make the kill. I was crazy about fishing then and did not get real serious about turkey hunting until 1976. I really learned how to turkey well when I moved to Alabama in 1986 and killed 5 that year. The limit was six. Some years I really enjoy it and then some years I cannot stay out of the Bass boat. :thumb:
This will be my 27th year. My dad started calling turkeys up for me when I was 9. When I turned 12, he wouldn't call for me anymore. He would put me out and he would go do his own thing. I went through the school of hard knocks. I would kill one about every 3 years. Now, I usually kill my limit and have killed 30 spring gobblers. I look back on it now and am glad my dad kicked me out the nest when he did. I didn't realize it then, but he was working hard to make a hunter out of me.
Been about 6 years for me. I've taken 6 so far.....hope I can say 8 by the end of this season:razz: Nothing wrong with hoping now is there ? !!:smack:
I am 26 now and have been hunting them since I was about 13. Killed my first at 16 and have killed one every year since. I'm hooked !!!!
This will be my 34th season,I started in 74,been lucky enough to kill at least one a year since 77. As a young man turkey hunting used to be the second most thing on my mind,now in my early 50's its definately number 1.:biggrin:
This will be spring #16... And still love to learn somthing new every spring ...
Nothing like an old long spurred turkey whipping my butt to keep me humble....:cool:
6yrs. for me. I've still got a lot to learn.I've gotten 5 birds though.
15 years, first bird twelve years ago. 16 birds to date.

Im 43, killed my first bird when I was 24. Been sick with it ever since! I have hunted and killed birds in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi, and South Florida.
Missouri holds my best memories. But I'm making new Memories in Kansas every year. And they are very good.

Arkansas turkey hunting, at least in the mountains, is getting worse. But I am thankful for the memories of the glory days. I was there. And I hope we see those days again.

My name is Bruin, and I am a Turkey Hunter!

P.S. When I married my soulmate, (rest her soul) I told her I was her man from March 30th, till May 1st, every year. But during April, I was a Turkey hunter, and everything that entailed! She understood.

God, I miss her!
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