How far from a house do you have to be?

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by gracie82, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. gracie82

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    Is there a law that states how far from a house you have to be to hunt and discharge a firearm legally? Just curious because I hunt outside the city limits and have a pond on the edge of my property that holds a few ducks. There is however a house fairly close to it so I was just curious?
  2. just far enough not to wake up grippy old folks.

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  3. All kidding aside AGFC says 150 yards have a good hunt buddy:wink:
  4. I think as long as you are at least 200 yards from another house outside the city limits and not close to a road you could shoot from your back porch. I may be wrong though make sure with AGFC first.
  5. SalineRiver

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    GFC pulled that crap about hunting X far away from someones house but it didn't work. You can hunt anywhere you want to on YOUR land or land you rent or lease.

    Now I wouldn 't shoot toward someone's house just out of safetly and respect. If it's yours, shoot it.
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    150 yards without permission is what the book says.
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    I was laying in the bed one Sunday morning and I heard shooting, then the shot started falling on my house. I grabbed my shotgun and a coat and met him crossing my field....he looked kinda worried when he saw my longjohns was all I had on besides my boots.....and started to appologize. I told him I didn't want an appology, just a promise that I'd never see him again within a mile of my house. He promised!:razz:
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    Did he have a touch of brown on his britches as he was promising?:clap:
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    Must have.....he was stuttering something about a buddy over there, and I told him, he better get his buddy on the way out!:up:
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    i think its 150 yards from a house on public and 100ft from center line on a road.