How Do You Transplant Bamboo/Cane?

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by fullcredit, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. fullcredit

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    Yes, I'm sure I could google it, but likely there are others interested in this as well. There are some areas that I would like to plant some of the large bamboo. I can get some to "plant," but how is it done? Just stick it in the ground, or lay it down in a trench and cover it?
  2. mossyhorn

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    you do it just like it was any other plant. Just be careful cause that stuff spreads like wildfire.

  3. funny thing is, the wife and I were talking about this subject yesterday. I am also very interested in this subject :up:
  4. woodwise

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    6 years ago we dug some up and planted it below my folks Garden....and now it is a patch 15 yards long by 10 yards the spring it wants to spread but if you mow it off twice it is done trying the rest of that year....I am going to take the loader bucket to it in march and get me some more to start elsewhere.....I think we have some that is 25 feet tall....oh and it makes good Been Poles as well you can fish with it like the Ol timers did....:biggrin:
  5. woodwise, how many did ya'll plant the first time to get that patch?
  6. woodwise

    woodwise Well-Known Member

    6 bunches about 4 feet apart.....
  7. woodwise

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    My mom has a cousin that live near Heber Springs that has some that get as big as your wrist at the base, and we are going to try to get a start of it this year.....The stuff is Plum neet it makes a great Privacy Fence..
  8. reggie-2-guns

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    If you want to get some started, you need one of the feeder roots (tubers). Just PM Reggie and he'll get one to you. He could even leave one with Troy when he comes to fish at the Greeno Aquarium.

  9. shotgun wg

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    U can cut the cane dig a trench few inches deep. Cut the limbs off and bury the pole u need to keep it wet so it sprouts. Or wait till spring and dig up the new chutes and transplant root ball and all. If u use the pole u need to bury while still green it should sprout from each joint.
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    Not sure I understand Reggie---do you know my Dad? I don't have a clue what the Greeno Aquarium is, but my dad is Troy!
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    :fit::fit: R2G Me is cracked up by how you type.
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  13. Tony Harris

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    Shotgun said it like I have heard it done. Cut a green stalk, bury it shallow and it will sprout at each joint. Got a couple places I am going to try where I want to put a ground blind at.
  14. Hill Farm Hunter

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    That stuff can take over in a hurry. Got a cane thicket behind the house and it has ran way out into the field it is next to. It gets mowed every year and it's still a mess.
  15. johnf

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    I would like to use it as a privacy fence between me and my neighbor. his house is about 200 yards away, but there are places that you can see through the woods. How fast does this spread and will it spread through already established pines. I don't want it to.
  16. bett_lou

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    True dat! I don't want any in my yard!
  17. Vetrock

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    it'll spread anywhere it can get sunlight. Seriously, cane will take over if allowed.
  18. Triple Threat

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    didn't cane and kudzu come from the same place? :skeptical:
  19. shotgun wg

    shotgun wg Well-Known Member

    This is true to an extent. It will grow in established woods but I have never seen it take over. If this was the case half the woods in south ar would be cane thickets. If u mow it u can keep it contained to whatever area u want. A weed eater will work to keep it from spreading to far in the woods just wack off the shoots that come up. We have 2 poles in the front yard my wife uses for wind chime hangers they haven't spread in 4 years. We also have 6 or 7 cane patches on this farm none have takin over woods or fields. One thing to think about is species there is several different types from switch cane to cane that gets big as trees. There is 3 types here switch, giant( cane pole), and golden. Choosing the type could help u get what u want with less trouble. There are websites that u can order different types from.
  20. deltabowhunter

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    You better think long and hard about wanting it because once it is there it is there. It is almost as bad as kudzu. Just ask Mississippi about kudzu.