how do you count the points on a rack?

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    ok before this turns into an anti deer dog ban bowhunting don't kill baby bucks by neck shots bigfoot did it hatin on road huntin thread, this is just a how do you consider it thread. :thumb:
    All my life I've always heard if you can hang a ring on it, count it as a point, but now i'm more inclined to say it was to be atleast an inch to count as any more than a bump on the beam.
    Here's an example: about 10 years ago I killed a buck that I considered a non typical 12, well when i took it to check it in at the old store in Knob ( Wodrows as some in this area will remember) he takes his wedding ring off and my twelve turned into a 17 or 18 point I can't remember exactly and that is how he recorded it!
    Well had a fellar lookin at my big 7 i killed this year and he tells me thats a nice 10 pointer. I told him thanks but it's only a 7. Next thing i know he's got a ring and hang every knot on it!

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    Have used the old 'hang a ring on it' method since I was a kid...still do, but if one is broken off, I usually just don't count it, and never counted 'Kickers' unless they were an inch or longer.......

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    I will count them if they are over an inch. But for example say it's a mainframe 8pt with some extras points, I will call it what it is... A mainframe 8 with stickers.
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    unless it is ONE inch or longer I dont count it at all.
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    I count the trash around the burs if a ring will hang on it lol
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    well usually i go by the inch rule but if its got real interesting character and stickers i use a ring
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    For scoring purposes, it must be at least one inch long. If the base of the point is very wide, there are other rules that come into play as well.
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    Do they have to come off the main beam?
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    With my shoes and socks off.
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    That's how I do it.
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    1 inch from center of beam. Had a buddys dad kill a buck one day. He told my dad he killed a big 7 point. His biggest ever. We go to look at it and my dad goes. I'm not sure I would tell anyone about this here 3 point. He was countin every 1/4" knot on the dang thing
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    Legally , here in Arkansas , the point has to be an inch long to count it.
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    When I was growing up I used the "ring method". For the past 15 or 20 years I've used the "one inch or longer" method. I killed what I called a 10 point in 1985 that I would only call an 8 point now....but for my records I still call it a 10 because that's what it was to me back then. :up:

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    No. They can come off of another point, or off the base

    Wrong on the center of beam. For example, imagine looking at the side view of a main beam. Imagine a line from the top of the beam, extending from one side of the base of the point to the other--as if the point were not even there. That is the base line of the point, NOT the center of the beam, and this is where point measurements begin. In Arkansas, a point has to be one inch long to count as a legal point.

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    Unless the game and fish changed it this year, green-head-getter is correct as to where the measurement is from the center of the beam. AG&FC says a legal point is an inch long measured from the center of the beam to the end of the point. A Boone and Crockett score is as you say full credit, but for legal purposes GHG is right. I had to settle an argument at the deer camp a year or two ago and read it directly from the reg book.
  20. Just paid a $275 ticket for that same thing. It is not 1" from the center of the beam it is 1" from the top of the beam to be a point. And them you score it from the center of the beam. The warden that gave me the ticket was Mr Livingston from Grant county. He calle litlle rock and was on the phone for a good 20 min and that is what they came up with. The book says 1" but it does not say where to measure from,but they said it would say next year.
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