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I have several deer rifles, and I use them in different areas for different reasons. On my 300 ultra mag I have a 4.5 x 14 x 50 leupold Vari x III. I use this rifle on bean fields where shots will be long. I have a Zeiss 3 x 10 x 40 on my 300 win mag for shot less than 500 yards but more than 200 yard. And I have a 3 x 9 x 40 leupold vari X III on my 30-06, which I use in the areas I hunt in North Arkansas. I rarely use the Win Mag, but it shoots great and I just can't part with it.

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Mod 70/30-06-Weaver K6
NEF 308 & 270...BSA 3X9X50
ML ...Barska 3X9X50
870 Sawed off 12ga...30mm Red dot

T/C Contender....
35 Rem...1.25X4X32 T/C RP
30/30...3X Burris
375 Win......2X Burris

Savage Striker handcannons....
308..1.25X4X32 T/C RR
7/08...2X7X32 NcStar

other handguns........
Blackhawk.. 6 1/2in 41 Mag...2X Tasco
Mark II Target...2X Tasco
T/C Scout 50cal BP pistol......2X Tasco

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2.5x8 vari-x111
3x9x 40 vari-x 11
2 3x9x40 weavers
1 3/4x5 Redfield Widefield
2x7 Redfield Illuminator
3x9x33 AO weaver rimfire

Of all of them I like the 1 to5 the best and can see best in low light with it.
I like the 2.5 to 8 Leupold second. I don't like scopes with huge objectives.

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Leupold vari X II 3x9x50 on my rem 700 bdl syn 270 win

Leupold vari X II 3x9x50 on my rem mdl 7 308 win.

Burris signature 6x18x I think 42 on my rem 700 dm,mb,7mm STW

I actually like my cheap simmons 6X24x44 target turrets on my rem sendero 300 win mag. for a cheap scope it's great.

I have many others but these are what I thought of right now
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