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Hot Springs Ranges?

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Are there any indoor archery ranges in Hot Springs? I'll be down there for a few days in April, and would like to shoot some.
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I'm also interested in places to shoot in/around Hot Springs area. Im kinda new here and havent found where to go. Indoor range would be nice, but Id also like a decent outdoor place to shoot at some further distances.

Anyone have any info for a new guy?
C'mon guys. Surely there's a place a guy can go in the evening to fling a few arrows. Indoor or outdoor, it doesn't matter to me. I'll be down in Hot Springs the 9th thru 11th of April, and I want to shoot. I'm afraid they'll complain if I set up a target and start shooting in the hallway at the hotel.
The Scuba and Archery center on Albert Pike has an indoor range, but I'm not sure of their hours.
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