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Horton xb 270 crossbow *

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HORTON CROSSBOW----this crossbow comes with a tasco 4X scope,sling,quiver with 6 factory horton arrows,all arrows are in new cond. it also has a horton cocking rope.this crossbow has the aluminum arrow rail..this bow is sighted in with field tips only all u need is the broadheads.this bow has the PSE name on it but it is made by horton mfg, per the info on the rail.string is in good cond and the safety does work,i am the original owner of this bow----ready to go $300.......2 months of season left----------pictures will be posted
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thanks sooie for posting this---very nice cross bow-------this is in ARKADELPHIA
2 months of season left ---great deal
got this for my son...around 4 years maybe, not used the last 3,son in college and he left the bow here. i used it some this year. he said to sell it so here it is. i am the only owner of this --- shoots like a new one ---i have a target and u can shoot before u buy---this bow has the aluminum rail and the string in very good had regular sites on it and i bought a horton rail and put this scope on it for my eyes.
if anyone is interested in this --i am going to the gun show one day this weekend in jacksonville and wiil bring it with me for anyone that might be interested. i am still using this to hunt with,until it sells.
coon007 I tried to pm you but your inbox is full
still using this until it sells----very good deal
Never mind....missed it the first time. :doh:
Any idea of what fps the bow is shooting? Also what day you planning on being in Jacksonville? I tried to pm you but you need to clean out your inbox.
ok thanks about the clean out---------it has XB 270 PRO on the limbs--- 270fps---dont know which day yet----will ask brother in law,he is going with me,
i will be at the gun show in JAX on sunday --i will take this with me if anyone is interested ------$300 firm ------not looking to trade
SOLD TODAY ------PLEASE REMOVE-----thank u
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