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Discussion in 'Fishing' started by Hillis, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Hillis

    Hillis New Member

    Anyone know who sells hoop nets, cheese bait and other commercial type fishing supplies in Arkansas or surrounding area? I've been out of it for 18yrs and would like to purchase nets, to catch fish for our church dinners ( everyone goes to church when there's Food) HA HA. Thanks for any and all help with this.:flag:
  2. po boy

    po boy Well-Known Member

    Memphis Net and Twine co. Memphis, TN.

    They have a good website and you can request a full catalog online. They have all kinds of Nets, cheese bait, fish traps, and trotline supplies.

  3. hortonhunter

    hortonhunter Well-Known Member

    a friend of mine says he bought his from a man in brinkley pm me and i will get you the phone number :up:
  4. jdoyle

    jdoyle Well-Known Member

    Memphis Net & Twine gets my vote! I have done business with them and they are great! It's in a bad part of town tough. They have a great website or you can call them and they will mail a catalog to you.
  5. fish

    fish Well-Known Member

    Memphis net anf Twine have lots of stuff but are too high! Try Johnson's over around El Paso north of Little Rock area.:thumb:
  6. VALES

    VALES Well-Known Member

    :thumb: That's where we get all ours at. You can haggle with him over the price sometimes too as long as you show him some cash....nice ol' feller, and usually beats the crap out of Memphis Net & Twine prices.
  7. Hillis

    Hillis New Member

    Thanks guys, me and the wife took a road trip to Cabot and visited with the Johnson's yesterday, it was good to see them still in business,cause there good people and there prices are still better than others on clearance. And i would rather buy local made than import crap from other country's.:flag:
  8. FiremanMSmith

    FiremanMSmith Well-Known Member

    You didnt get a number for by chance did you? I may be in the market for a couple nets in the near future.
  9. rowdyrabbit

    rowdyrabbit Well-Known Member

    I wondered if they were still in business. Good to know they are. They had a pretty big fire a couple years back.