Honeymoon in Arkansas

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by jjarvis0007, Dec 17, 2010.

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    Im getting married tomorrow afternoon and was wanting to go somewhere for at least two days but comes to find out I have to work on Monday. So even owning your own company doesn't always work for taking off when you want. Anyway. Instead of staying at the Capital Hotel like I planned tomorrow we are wanting to stay in some cabins somewhere or something of that nature. Even thought about heading to MO and staying in Branson since we've never been but we both like the cabin type setting and would like to keep the two day stay around $500-$700. Any ideas on places would be appreciated.
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    Branson is always a good choice, but Eureka Springs is pretty good too. I think it would be just as nice and a lot cheaper. They have a couple of pretty good music shows. I live up here if you need any help.

    p.s. You might get lucky and see a couple homos while your there. :fit:

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    Mt. Magazine is supposed to be pretty nice. They have a lodge and such.
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    Spring river beach club in hardy has some nice lil cabins for less than the price u said and if u want it's only a couple hours or so from Branson
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    Thanks B! I'll be doing the very opposite of homoness
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    How's the smallmouth fishing on the spring right now? She likes to fish too.
  8. "BRANSON" The Hillbilly Honeymoon! :fit: :fit: :fit:, And yea thats where I went on mine also!!! :fit: :fit: :fit:
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    www wgbransonwoods.com check out the cabins we took a trip up that way last year about this time its a nice place. lots of cabins close but it not a lot of ppl this time of year:up:
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    THREE SISTERS on LAKE OUACHITA has some cabins that are right on the lake and the marina is close if you need to rent a fishing boat for the day.
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    I'd say eureka springs. Spend all day sat in eureka. Then check out and drive to Branson. It's not all that far. Spend the day then drive home
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    Gastons on the White River. Nice Cabins, super nice restaurant, and good fishing. :thumb:

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    Been there, it is very nice, as is Petit Jean and Queen Willamena in Mena.
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    I couldn't tell ya bout the fishing been a few years since I been up there and never a big fisherman sorry. If u called they may be able to tell ya. They have canoe rentals and all kinds of stuff. If u do go to hardy there is a little diner on the left side of 63 if ur going south that has really good breakfast and the people are great. It's just as u hit the strip with all the shops
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    It might not be so fancy and would probably have been better this Fall, but if I was going to pick a honeymoon spot I would like, I'd rent a cabin around Ponca, or anywhere along the Buffalo River.
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    check out Big Cedar Lodge near Branson.
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    :up: I'm thoughts exactly
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    There's a Bed and Breakfast just minutes North of Branson. It's not cabins but they do have a couple of very, very, nice rustic style rooms...If they have openings.