Homemade Rice Bran Feeder

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  1. doug

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    Here's what I used, how I put it together and some results...

    Materials (makes 2):
    One 55 gallon plastic barrel (tight-head)
    One 33 gallon plastic barrel (tight-head)
    Four 17 inch 2x4's for legs for each feeder
    Two 12 inch 2x4's for leg spreaders for each feeder
    One 24 inch 2x4's for leg runners for each feeder
    Two 26 ½ inch 2x4's for trough support for each feeder
    Two 42 inch 2x4's for roof support for each feeder
    Screws I had on hand
    One can Krylon Fusion Black Flat
    One can Krylon Fusion Hunter Green Satin

    I paid about $40 at Drumco for the barrels, I don't remember what the paint cost and I had the 2x4's.

    I sawed both barrels in half with a circular saw and screwed 2x4's to the 33 gal barrel to make the trough supports. Then I screwed the legs, spreaders and runners to the trough supports. The 55 gal barrel is a little taller (longer) than the 33, so I screwed a 2x4 block to the outside of each upper roof support and then screwed the 55 gal roof to the supports so that the opening between the trough and the roof was approximately 2 feet. I then painted the barrels with the black paint. When that was dry, I made some camo stripes with the green to break up the outline of the barrels. As you can see in the pictures, the deer cleaned them out so I guess they didn't mind the paint job. I've heard that regular spray paint doesn't stick too well to plastic and the Fusion is supposed to stick good. When I bought the paint, the green satin was the closest Wal-Mart had in stock to a good camo color in Fusion. If I were to do it again, I might try the regular flat olive drab and brown over the black Fusion. The satin turned out a little too shiny for my taste. The paint survived sliding in the truck to and from camp and being rubbed by deer on the edge of the trough without coming off too bad.

    I didn't have a camera pointed at either feeder that was out this season (I'll be correcting that next year) but I was in the stand when a tall 3 point had a snack. He had no trouble getting his antlers inside the roof.

    I poked some holes in the bottom of the trough with an icepick to try and drain any water that might get in the trough. While it drained well at the house, the rice bran completely clogged the drains when it got wet. The roof really only protects the trough from straight above (and doesn't do a great job of that). I had one feeder set back in the brush/trees much better than the other and the sheltered feeder stayed much dryer (another note for next year).

    Each feeder holds about 75 pounds of rice bran if you heap it high. The first time I filled them, I took 100 pounds for each. I mounded all that I could in the trough and spread the rest around.

    Here are the two feeders on October 10th, ready to go to the woods on the 17th.


    Here are the two feeders three weeks later on November 8th, #1 was the feeder set back in the brush.



    I refilled the feeders on 11/8 and here is the only other picture I remembered to take – November 13th.


    Let me know what you think.
  2. possum

    possum Moderator<br>2011-12 Deer Hunting Contest Winner<b

    Looks good but do you not still have a problem with the weather getting to your trough?

  3. doug

    doug Well-Known Member

    The roof protects OK (but not great) from a straight down rain. The brush on #1 did a pretty good job of keeping the rain out, #2 was set out in a more open area and the bran did get a little wet, but they kept hitting it. It was pretty wet this year and they cleaned them out so I'm going to say that they ate what wasn't soaked.
  4. possum

    possum Moderator<br>2011-12 Deer Hunting Contest Winner<b

    I like the barrel idea but think I'll go ahead and build a plywood or tin roof....then I'll double the number of troughs I can get out of a barrel. :biggrin:
  5. UCNE

    UCNE Well-Known Member

    You might want to lower your roof a little. I have been using these for 4 years with no problem......:up:

  6. doug

    doug Well-Known Member

    Ucne - That looks like a good design right there - where were you when I was trying to figure mine out!!! :biggrin:

    possum - I thought about a plywood/tin roof. I figured the size it would need to be to make it rainproof would hamper my ability to drive them to camp. Where I put them out, the pines are thick enough that I don't see much rain that isn't falling pretty much straight down.
  7. possum

    possum Moderator<br>2011-12 Deer Hunting Contest Winner<b

    Most of mine or on the edge of food-plots/fields so the roof coverage is big deal for mine. As far as transporting, turn them upside down on the trailer and tie them off. :thumb:
  8. longbeard34

    longbeard34 Active Member

    Where can you find the 33 gal plastic barrels? I can fin the 55 gallon ones, but cant find the 33 gallon.
  9. doug

    doug Well-Known Member

    I got them at Drumco in Benton, but I heard they were moving and just checked their website. They now only list Memphis and Arkadelphia as locations.

  10. BIG DOG

    BIG DOG Well-Known Member

    arkadelphia is closer for me:clap:
  11. mwmwbm

    mwmwbm Well-Known Member

    UCNE, What is the highth of the bottom barrel off the ground and how much space between?
  12. Nuge Fan

    Nuge Fan Well-Known Member

    we made a couple similar looking feeders to those. work good
  13. Levi

    Levi Well-Known Member

    He got banned permanently form here but I know what the measurement are I have one also.......

    Bottom is 20" from ground and 24 between them.....:up:
  14. mwmwbm

    mwmwbm Well-Known Member

    Banned :eek: that sucks,
  15. Found some barrels in Hope and got a pickup full yesterday. He has 30,33, and 55 gal. for sale @ $10 each. PM me for his number, I hesitate to post it for the world to see.
  16. arbowhntr

    arbowhntr Well-Known Member

    I found 55gal drums at drumco in bauxite $33.00 new seconds. But they don't have 30gals at this time. Anyone know where some are close saline county?
  17. mwmwbm

    mwmwbm Well-Known Member

    I found a guy in sherwood in the paper that was selling em for $3.50 a piece. they need a real good cleaning though.
  18. arbowhntr

    arbowhntr Well-Known Member

    Do you have problems with hogs eating your rice bran?