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    i wrote this a few years back, lots of the new folks probably havent seen it, the deerstand thread got me to thinking about it, so i thought i would post it up again. enjoy, BG12


    His name was Aaron James Brian,
    But the old men called him A.J.

    He never spent a night at camp,
    But he was there most every day.

    See, Mamaw Brian was kinda skittish,
    She feared to stay alone.

    So he came home every night,
    'Cause at the camp there was no phone.

    He had a bunch of stands down there,
    And most were pretty good.

    Amazing what that man could do,
    With some pipe and a little scrap wood.

    The Cotton, The Purple, the Southside, The Creek,
    The Bigbuck, Slippin' and Getback.

    And if you killed one off his stand,
    You might catch a little flack.

    The stands i mentioned in these lines,
    are only just a few.

    But when it came to his number one stand,
    Its one that we all knew.

    It's on the Southeast corner,
    Of his son Tommys' twenty.

    Looking up and down the lanes,
    There was always deer aplenty.

    I would ask him "where ya going Papaw?"
    He'd say with a familiar tone,

    The stand up by the Rogers' place,
    The one that he called "HOME".

    "HOME" is still standing there,
    Though it looks a little sore.

    With A.J. gone from us eight years,
    No one hunts it anymore.

    We have talked before of moving it,
    To a better place.

    I am sure that that would bring a smile,
    to my Papaws' face.

    But for now it still stands there,
    Frozen in its' time.

    I think of him when I pass by,
    On the way to mine.

    Cherish the time you have with them,
    For someday they'll be gone,

    To that Big Stand In The Sky,
    The one that they call "HOME"...

    Written by, Mark Shatley 10/25/05
    In honor of Aaron James Brian.
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  5. Man, that one reminded me of my Father-in-law. He was the best hunter I ever knew. He would come in with a limit of squirrels whe none of us got more than two or three.
    He was a Ranger in WWII, and landed on D-day without a scratch, but never talked about it much.
    He only killed one LEGAL buck in his life, I have the antlers mounted on my wall.
    We lost him in 1978. I'll get to hunt with him again in the "Happy Hunting Ground".

    Thanks for the poem!!
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