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I used one of those crazy balls, a carbon shaft arrow and some brown fabric. Took the ball apart and just kept the one side of it. Mounted it to a carbon arrow and attached the fabric to the spinning piece. Stick it in the ground at a slight angle and turn it on. The brown fabric (about 8" long) spins erratically cuz it balls up and then spins freely. Also, I attached a small brown feather duster to the nock. Just drilled out the wooden handle, slipped it over the nock and glued it. The feathers bobble and sway back and forth with the arrow shaft. I spray it down with some various scents. Right now I have some old doe pee that I'm using. As soon as I can get around to it, I 'm going to put some real rabbit fur on it. Rabbits are scarce around here.

Years ago, I had a a rabbit pelt and 4x4 remote control vehicle. Lol. I could make make it do donuts or whatever. Fooled a hawk...almost carried it off. As soon as I tried to evade it, it spooked the hawk and it turned mid catch. Only killed 2 dogs off it. Then the season went out and I lost interest due to working ALL the time.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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