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  1. Dave57

    Dave57 Well-Known Member

    With the exception of a 1911 .45 everything I carry is inside the waist band. Planning on switching to owb (outside the waist band) when the weather cools off.

    Any suggestions on brand and type? Prefer a good draw, good retention, no strap.

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  2. paxcolt

    paxcolt Well-Known Member

    Can you narrow it down any more? There are literally hundreds of holster makers all over the country making decent to really good stuff. What gun(s)? Preference for kydex or leather? Is concealability still a concern? Will it sometimes be OC'd in public?

    Only thing I can tell you for certain so far is: NO SERPA!

  3. sam

    sam Grand Member

    For inside the waistband I like Kydex, I have a Clinger ISW for every carry pistol I own. For OWB, which I switch to as soon as I can wear a vest comfortably, I like leather. I have either Galco, DeSantis or Tagua leather, high ride, pancake style holsters for that.
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  4. Have gun will travel

    Have gun will travel Well-Known Member

    White Co
    I've tried several OWB but when the trying was over I have found that my 20 year old Bianci belt slide is what I prefer no matter if I'm carrying a 45 or 9mm. I don't use the retention strap "thumb break" unless I'm in the woods but for day to day carry I'm not really concerned about retention and remove the velcro strap. I'm to old to roll around on the ground and I don't move fast enough for my handgun to bounce out so I really don't see how someone else can get a hand on my handgun.

    For IWB I have found no holster that I like better than my N8 Tacticle. Use N8 for everything from my .45 right on down to a .380 and everything in between.
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  5. Dave57

    Dave57 Well-Known Member

    Looking at going Kydex. Due to gun type (hk) options are not as wide. Currently carry in a black arch hybrid, other guns same or DeSantis cozy partner, 45 in minimalist belt slide.

    The two I was looking at so far was a Vedder light draw or alien gear cloak. I thought you guys would have some ideas.

  6. Dave57

    Dave57 Well-Known Member

    I get the too old to roll around, believe me I do. That’s why I stay away from straps. Level 1 retention is good enough for me.
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  7. paxcolt

    paxcolt Well-Known Member

    Of those 2, I would absolutely go with the Vedder. Alien Gear's reputation for quality is iffy at best, and that particular model is just not a smart design. A kydex shell on top of a softer backing material makes no sense for OWB (it's not ideal for IWB, either). It's unnecessarily bulky, and it's going to start loosening up and getting floppy pretty quickly.
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  8. BKS

    BKS Well-Known Member


    Rusty Sherrick. Everything is made out of horsehide, way tougher than cow leather.
    His lead times are short and quality if top notch.
    He makes the holsters for the LAPD SIS units.
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  9. RAZ

    RAZ Well-Known Member

    DE0AB318-44A7-4F5C-B6CE-8F8DF8CB05DC.jpeg I’m 100% owb and totally leather as well. I reckon I’m ol Skool... Can’t easily lug around a 1911 or a snub revolver anymore tho. Suspenders are a “have to” with them. Carry a 6”Python in a Safariland leather shoulder holster but....not very often.
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  10. Poleguy

    Poleguy Well-Known Member

    Clinger Holsters are based in Van Buren, Theis in Conway both do holsters for H&K, depending on the model. If you make it to the Benton/Bryant/Salem area there is Wildt Leather who might be able to do H&K. He does a great belt, can trim belts and holsters with some exotic leathers as well.
  11. sam

    sam Grand Member

    Also remember, the belt makes a huge difference. A great holster on a flimsy belt is like putting a $300 dollar fishing reel on a $5 Snoopy pole.
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  12. Dave57

    Dave57 Well-Known Member

    P30sk are tough to buy for. I will try clingers, right across the river. Thanks.

    Agree on the belt, at least I have that covered. iwb it is not as critical but still wear a good belt.
  13. Mr. Rusty

    Mr. Rusty Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    What Sam said, buy a good belt as well.
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  14. bullcreekboy

    bullcreekboy Well-Known Member

    Mr. Theis makes belts as well.
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  15. Mr. Chitlin

    Mr. Chitlin Administrator Staff Member Supporting Member

    NE Ark
    I have several Theis IWB holsters and wear one daily. Wearing a G43 in one as we speak.

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  16. claytonsdad

    claytonsdad Well-Known Member

    I've never purchased from any of these other gentlemen, but I know Mr. Theis does great work and will treat you right. Nice fella too.
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  17. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    I Carry most of the Time..That being said..
    Not worried about Drawing..
    Especially in a Church setting or a Business..

    My worry especially in Church setting..
    Now with Social Distancing..

    I worry about kids,Folks walking up and hugging me..And the weapon goes off!!

    Just the way I was taught to think..

    WHAT IF?....
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  18. sparkie

    sparkie Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Keep one out from under the hammer.
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  19. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    Like Gun..Have tried em all this is what I have liked..Easy..can carry my 25 to my 9mm..
    Just me..I am a wuss..I like my Bodyguard 380...Have the confidence in any situation....Just me!!
    Taurus 9mm in their now.... 20200806_142820.jpeg
  20. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    Carry if your not Ready ....

    If your not going to carry loaded and Ready
    Why carry..
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