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Holster Help

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I just got a PF9 and am having trouble finding a small of the back holster. Anybody know where I can look or know of any good brands? I planning on carrying this pistol 100% of the time and want a comfortable holster.
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As someone who has been CCWing for several years now, and as a physical therapist, I would recommend against carrying SOB. The reasons: high risk of spine injury if you fall/ get knocked down, slower draw than from the 3-5 o'clock positions, very difficult to avoid sweeping yourself with the muzzle during the draw, it tends to be less comfortable, and it prints almost immediately when you bend forward at the waist. But if you're committed to carrying that way, check companies like Galco or DeSantis, pretty sure they make holsters specifically for SOB. A Theis should work also even though they aren't specifically designed for it.
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