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Sent e-mail to G&F and received the following response:

Here are the requirements:
You are not required to have a hunting license to hunt feral hogs on
private property, but you would on a WMA or public property.
Contact a local wildlife officer before taking hogs at night or when
seasons are closed.

Legal weapon:
Public land requirement is the weapon that is legal for the open hunting
Private land is open to anything as long as you have legal access and
the owners permission to be on his property.

Daily Limit:
There are none, we do not regulate this because they are considered a
non game animal, they are considered livestock.

Hunting Hours:
On Public land you may NOT hunt at night.
On Private land with owners permission, anytime.

Kim Cartwright
Information Officer
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

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Their feral hog web page goes into a bit more detail, especially regarding hog hunting on WMAs.

Wildlife Management Areas: Any open daytime hunting seasons or
special deer, elk or turkey permit hunts:

Hunters may use the weapons allowed for that season or hunt. During special permit hunts, only permit holders may shoot or possess feral hogs. There is no bag limit, but shooters must have a hunting license and may not pursue hogs at night. Feral hogs may not be taken on WMAs with the use of dogs, bait or traps. Dead feral hogs may be removed from the WMA or left where they were shot.

Which is also what is in the online version of the new guidebook.
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