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  1. Looks like the hot shot running back from San Antonio decommitted but we picked up a Razorback from Texarkana.


    We only want players who want to be Razorbacks. I see the decommittmentments as separating the wheat from the chafe. Better now than cause a bunch of controversy later.
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    shuler, the fullback from florida who was committed, is now decommitted as well and will be attending juco.

  3. Only reason to go to a juco is because he is academically ineligible. Has anyone seen the list that are currently committed and will sign in February?
  4. CP

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    CDL...It don't worry me very much in letting a 5'-10"...180 pound RB ..who wants to "visit" other schools...slip away...:wink:

    Just another place to be filled by Coach P.:thumb:

    List of commits...Updated, not sure???
    There is a page 2 for more info...
  5. CP, thanks for the link. I count 17 so we have lost 5 (actually a few more but we picked up some commitments too) since the coaching change. Not bad as these players want to be Razorbacks. I think Coach P and Horton have done a good job for the short time since the "change of guards".
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    I've never paid much attention to the verbal commitments, I like seeing the ink on the paper. :thumb:
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    just a note on dennis johnson from texarkana...he still needs to bring his act score up in order to be academically eligible. i wonder how many of our other commits are not yet academically eligible? here is hoping they get those scores up.

    yeah i think that is the case here.
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  8. CP

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    Got about three more weeks to get it done before the day they sign their LOI's. (Feb. 6th).

    Then we can grade the class of '08 a little better.:wink:
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    Aundre Dean from Kathy, TX will vist Arkansas he's # 57 ranking National, He 6' 1 avg. 7.4 yds per carry
  10. CP

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    Did not know that...

    We got the (Rivals) #8 RB...(Curtis) on board and the #11 (Dean) is making a visit...WOW..:thumb:

    Says he is a "soft" verbal to UCLA.

    Get him Coach P....