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hogs in Johnson, Franklin, Logan counties

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Does anyone on here hunt hogs in Logan, Johnson and Franklin counties? I saw a trailer with dogs that looked like catahoulas and curs going through Clarksville last week and guessed the boys were going hog hunting.
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I hunt there last year.I hear there are a lot on the river but I don't no where t go.
Ozone Mountain in Johnson County has them, as does Gillian Mountain, and Woods Mountain.
They are a plague on the land up there.
Blackpoint Island coalhill riverbottoms you need a boat but there is alot of sign be great with dogs
around hagarville, on little piney creek...gotta wait til deer season is over tho....plenty of hogs and lots of country!!!!
I just so happen to live right smack in the middle of all of the above mentioned places. I think we are gonna give em a round on Saturday.
Pretty much any public land surrounding a major watershed is loaded with them. Call the pleasant hill district of the USFS and they will info on problem areas. 754-2864. One area that loaded is the mulberry river corridor up hwy 103
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