Hogs almost gone

Discussion in 'Predators, Varmints, and Hogs' started by ducksandbucks, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. ducksandbucks

    ducksandbucks Well-Known Member

    Has anyone noticed hogs on their places being less or more this year? We have been covered in theme the last two years and nearly none this year. We have a lease in Princeton
  2. d2

    d2 Well-Known Member

    I haven't noticed them being any less this year down here. Every time I hit the "enter" button on this keyboard I always play like it's the button that would kill all the wild hogs in Cleveland county. Maybe the button works but it is working only in Dallas county...d2

  3. d.bobo

    d.bobo Well-Known Member

    Seems to be more here this year.
  4. tracytqrc

    tracytqrc Well-Known Member

    The place we normally hunt has all but dried up an the hogs. We've gone from seeing 50-60 a day to seeing 1 every 50 to 60 days.
  5. Alpha

    Alpha Member On Double Secret Probation

    Yelp..... We've currently got 1 batch of 30 or so..... Earlier had prolly 5 batches of the same number
  6. tyhunter23

    tyhunter23 Well-Known Member

    Had some in on our lease early during bow season. Then it went to seeing a little group of them to seeing none at all. Been a long time for us to only kill one hog in a season.
  7. LAhoghunter

    LAhoghunter Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear someone seeing same as us. We have had 5 cameras out over 2k acres since nov 1. Only a couple of hog pics and usually it would be half hogs half deer. We low on water right now tho except for river.