Hog vs Michigan

Discussion in 'Razorbacks' started by Nat1, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Nat1

    Nat1 Well-Known Member

    How about them Hogs!Win or loose this is the best looking team we have had in long time!
  2. dudeman

    dudeman Well-Known Member

    Ya I agree . There a good team maybe next yr they ll be a great team. Michigan is really good and a tough place to play at and we hung tight with them

  3. Nat1

    Nat1 Well-Known Member

    Yea the wheels fell off the wagon in the last two min but that was the most hustle and fundamentaly sound basketball I have seen us play against a good team in years.Hopefully Mike will pull some big recruits in and the B ball Hogs can give us something to cheer for while the new fb coach gets things ironed out.
  4. stealthycat

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    Hogs shot 2 Free Throws the whole game wasn't it ?

    REALLY ? There's the difference
  5. It wasnt because they werent fouled. It was because it was a foul on one end and not the other. Phantom calls on one end and no calls on the other and we still were in it. I would of loved to of played like this on a neutral floor and had refs that werent home grown. I think it would of been a different outcome. Looks like we could be pretty good this year.
  6. GBacon

    GBacon Well-Known Member

    Agree, they looked good in today's game. Cut it to 2 points with about 5 min to play. Great effort without any seniors on the team. Should be fun to watch for a couple years, if they can stay healthy and out of trouble!