Hog testicle removal after harvest?

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  1. Greyhound

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    Just wanted a little information on how to properly prepare a boar after harvest. I've been told that immediately following the death of the boar, it's necessary to cut the testicles to prevent meat spoilage. My question is what biologically causes the meat to spoil or become rancid? Since the heart is no longer beating and blood is no longer circulating, what is now making its way to the muscle cells spoiling the meat and how? Or, is this just a myth that everyone does because they've always heard they are supposed to?
  2. tracytqrc

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    I don't know about everybodyelse, but we have never removed anything from boars and have only had one or two that smelled bad during cooking. I guess it just sounds good to some folks. I've heard several times over the years from different people that as soon as a buck hits the ground, that you better cut him also, never done it and never had any problems.

  3. Buck-Ridge

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    I could see cutting them off if you wanted to fry them. Just a side note I have never eaten them but a buddy of mine said they were one of his favorites.
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    I don't do this either. If u drop em in their tracks dead it don't matter. If he gets riled up and gets the testosterone flowing before he dies the taste will be off. A buck deer that is chasing does or being ran by dogs is the same way. The taste is off. In some cases worse than others. A hog is the same way.
  5. Greyhound

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    So in other words, removing the testicles after you recover the hog whether he dropped dead in his tracks or runs for a mile makes no difference, right?
  6. tracytqrc

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    I think what he is saying is, if you drop him in his tracks there is no need to cut, but if he has run or been riled there is no need because the damage has been done.

    The only boars (2 that I can think of) that we have killed that had bad taste to them, one was fighting and the other was breeding.
  7. straight shooter

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    Old timers sometimes would pull the buck bag skin, over their saddle horn.
  8. joedirt

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    A buddy of mine put the sack skin over the gear shift knob (manual tranny) in his truck. :biggrin:
  9. shotgun wg

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    He is right. Dead in tracks when calm no need. If they are riled up its done no need. I have heard folks take different steps to get the funk out but don't know if any of it works. If its a boar hog being ran by dogs I have no intention of eating it. Now if that same boar is just easing around doing his thing drop him and pork chops are next. If I shoot him and he don't drop pretty quick and runs a ways it becomes iffy. But I don't feel cutting him will help because once he is jacked up the testosterone is already in the blood system and has transfers to the muscle for that get outa dodge push.
  10. Greyhound

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    Exactly. That's what I'm saying. It makes no difference whether the hunter cuts them off or not. The hunter cannot affect the taste of the meat by removing the testicles.
  11. tracytqrc

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    I think that that is why so many folks think that a boar over xxxlb isn't fit to eat, alot of those people have eaten hogs that have been dogged and shot or killed with a knife. We have killed and eaten them up into the 300lb range, but the furthest they ran was 200 yards and the kill was quick.
  12. VALES

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    Tracy is right...that 318 lb boar was great eating. I only remember 1 hog out of all we have killed that was pretty rancid and he was maybe 100lbs. And we have killed a lotta hogs too.
  13. shotgun wg

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    One thing I do that I'm not sure if others do is remove all the fat I possibly can. To me the fat on a wild hog messes up the meat. Once all the fat is removed u can get off it will hold in the freezer for a very long time. Far longer than store bought pork.
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    Don't forget to tie the pecker off! It'll squirt!!!!
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    WHAT THE........................................................................................................ What are you doing to those hogs?:skeptical:
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    I have eaten one wild boar before and I couldn't tell the difference from store bought. I have been told the same to cut them off asap. Also have been told that it didn't matter if they are cut or not just don't let the meat spoil cause pork spoils fast. What has been mentioned about them getting all worked up makes since and sounds like they speak from experience.

    my 2 cents
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    :fit::fit::eek: Good lord I bout fell out of my office chair on that one!!!
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    This is correct. If the pump is shut off, nothing can circulate. I think this type of spoilage is a wive's tale.