Hog snares

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  1. barata50

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    I'm thinking about trying to use some snares to catch some hogs has anyone done this or been successful at it.
    Thanks for your help

  2. ursus

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    Put a corn feeder in a thicket and let it run for a while. If there are many hogs in the area they should monopolize the area and keep most of the deer ran off. It might be worth putting up a trail camera to make sure that there aren't any deer using the area. The hogs will make very distinct trails going to the feeder in the brush. Get some long snares and anchor them pretty high on small trees. The idea is that the trees should have some give to them when the hogs pull but won't rip out of the ground. Make the biggest loop that the Game and Fish will legally allow. Use limbs or other brush to make the hogs put their heads where you want them when they are walking in. A huge snare loop with the top about waist high and the bottom about 10" off the ground would work better but the AGFC won't allow it. Good lock. :up: