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  1. rocket100

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    Was coon hunting last night on the loop road in the back of Camp Robinson and saw ALOT of sign back near the lower end of the loop road and spooked some more. I know some folks a while back that were asking where they were and no one would help them out. They are in the oak flats on the North side of the south end of the loop road.
  2. JJGrey

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    Do many people hog hunt on Camp Robinson?

  3. jsilver919

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    i try to:fit:

    kinda tough without dogs and not being able to bait...didnt do too bad last yr but there were 3 of us them to drive them out of cover
  4. rocket100

    rocket100 Well-Known Member

    Just trying to help some folks out. Seems there are plenty of folks looking for them and they are destructive animals. The ground was really rooted up. First time I have seen them in there.
  5. JJGrey

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    It's too bad the state can't put a bounty on them the way they do beavers!!!
  6. MollyWhop

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    I haven't hunted out there in a couple of years, but we killed several while still in college in Zones 8 and 10. Some around Grassy, some in the bottom behind the fields you can see from the Interstate around Maumelle.
  7. jsilver919

    jsilver919 Well-Known Member

    would that be zone 8 youre talking about???

    i know camp was overrun last yr. there def arent as many out there this yr but give it 6 mths....

    game and fish has had a bunch of traps out there for em b4 i know that
  8. cwc140

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    I was out in 8 today. I'm from PA and have never been around hogs before since they aren't as big a problem up there. But, I'm pretty sure I saw where some were digging around....it looked like when deer do it, but it was actual holes dug up as well as all the leaves being turned over :head: .
  9. nansman

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    Yes. Almost all hunters will shoot a hog when given the opportunity. The daily average is around twenty five hunters signed in during the weekdays and seventy five hunters on the weekends. Most are signing for TA 10 and 12, and that is where the hogs are. They stay around Grassy Lake and the creeks.
  10. jsilver919

    jsilver919 Well-Known Member

    i'll be out looking for some sat i know that