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  1. shane32

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    what do u hog hunt with when deer season is out what is legeal to use
  2. Passthrough

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    Public land or private? Private you can use anything. Think WmAs may be limited to a 22 mag

  3. If I'm not mistaken, you can still use any caliber to hog hunt. The coyote and fox season is still open and I think you can use any caliber to hunt them with. Since hogs are not regulated by AGFC and can be shot with whatever gun as long as a open season permit you to carry that rifle. Gotta hit the books on this one. I always carry one in my bag. You never know when the wardens play good cop bad cop :p
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    Some places you can use any caliber, others are restricted to rimfire. If you know where your going to hunt, look online or in the book for regulations specific to that area or WMA. If I remember right, you can use any caliber on G&F owned and Forest Service owned. Rimfire only on COE land.
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    I don't understand it either, one part says on WMA land anything larger than 22 rimfire it has to be deer modern gun or bear season, then says bobcat, fox and coyote can be hunted with any caliber rifle??