Hog Hunting at Tate's Bluff

Discussion in 'Predators, Varmints, and Hogs' started by bayman1975, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. bayman1975

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    Anybody hog hunt around Tate's Bluff? I've got permission to hunt a piece of property down there, and am planning a hunt for the second week of February. The property owner tells me that his place is covered up with hogs, and he wants me to come down there and take as many as I can home with me.
  2. Yep there are hogs there.

    I am to the south of tates bluff and we have a healthy population.

  3. Bojack

    Bojack Well-Known Member

    You can catch all the hogs you want off tates bluff. When they leave others will just come in. Hogs are a problem that i'm afraid are here to stay.
  4. Otter

    Otter Well-Known Member

    Howdy Fellers -

    Where is Tate's Bluff?
  5. Harry

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    tats bluff

    I would like to know where is tats bluff is? I would like to join in
  6. jerry dean

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    It's about halfway between Amy and Whelen Springs.
  7. turkeyhunter

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    If you need some help just let me know.
  8. You fellows really want to hunt them hogs huh?

    I got porkers all over ........after Ben Moffitt gets some I may have to have a meeting and come up with a way to get rid of some more.:biggrin:
  9. bps12

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    I got a cousin that is a big hog hunter around these parts he takes a lot of hogs around there.
  10. Is Pete Lamkin still hunting them around there??

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Holler when you're ready for the meeting.....need to get some blood on the new Ranger!!!:biggrin:
  12. I got a special hole for that ranger.:thumb:

    You did get a winch?:thumb:
  13. Bojack

    Bojack Well-Known Member

    I dont know about Pete Lamkin
    But Paul Lamkin is. Thats my neighbor. They've caught 12 in the last couple of days
  14. That might be who I mean't :smack:

    The Lamkins are on my grandmothers side and heck I am related to so many in Ouachita county I can't keep up.
    I joke with my grandmother that I had leave the state to marry someone that wasnt kin:eek:

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Yep:biggrin: :biggrin:
  16. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We need to get togather and ride the roads of poison springs!!!!!!!!!!!:thumb:
  17. bps12

    bps12 Well-Known Member

    I am with bojack I kow paul lamkin, Thats who my cousin hunts with.
  18. bps12

    bps12 Well-Known Member

    HG what size ranger did you get. I been tryin to talk my wife into 1 of them.
  19. I know PM's are private but I don't think HG will mind just a partial copy and paste.............

  20. bps12

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    Dang, why didn't he just buy a jeep.:thumb: HG done went uptown on us.