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Anybody hog hunt around Tate's Bluff? I've got permission to hunt a piece of property down there, and am planning a hunt for the second week of February. The property owner tells me that his place is covered up with hogs, and he wants me to come down there and take as many as I can home with me.

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I dont know about Pete Lamkin
But Paul Lamkin is. Thats my neighbor. They've caught 12 in the last couple of days
That might be who I mean't :smack:

The Lamkins are on my grandmothers side and heck I am related to so many in Ouachita county I can't keep up.
I joke with my grandmother that I had leave the state to marry someone that wasnt kin:eek:

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HG what size ranger did you get. I been tryin to talk my wife into 1 of them.
I know PM's are private but I don't think HG will mind just a partial copy and paste.............

2007 Polaris Ranger XP 700 (fuel injected).....and 16ft tandem axle trlr, about a year or so old and in top shape also, w/front side ramp and rear ramp, can haul the Ranger and wheeler......the Ranger is used, but looks like brand new, bought it from a guy at camp, that lives in Fayetteville, he is bringing it to camp this weekend, is also getting it cleaned up and serviced, and I will pick it up next weekend......details on the Ranger...
Mossy oak camo
400 lb winch
roll bar behind the cab
full hard cab, with hard doors
windshield wipers
2 factory off road lights (top of windshield)
nerf bars on the sides to protect the body
Factory lift kit (adjustable) on the front, to level it out....
also a custom built boat rack that fits in the bed
and maybe a few things I can't remember

Gonna keep the wheeler, but gonna be Stylin Now!!!!!
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