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    Hello all, I am from Iowa and was interested in coming to arkansas to try our luck at killing some of your problem critters. There are 4 of us wanting to come down. I was just wandering if anyone on here could tell me some good places to try or had some places for me to try. Either public or private. I think its rediculous to pay $600 to go out and shoot something that is such a neusance anyways. If wanted I could probably arrange an Iowa deer hunt in return for some good hog huntin. Any info is good info, thanks everyone.

  2. we have some private land that has a hog problem. Mostly at night time but I was told they were out at 3pm yesterday. Unfortunetly I was not there to take advantage of it. I will talk to the rest of the family and see if they would mind you coming down and hunting on it. I don't see why they would but I have to ask either way. I will PM you with an answer. I might take you up on that Iowa hunt as well. I have never hunted outside of arkansas. I have always wanted to but never have. Anyhoo, I should know something either today or tomorrow.
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    U can also contact agfc in Monticello Ar and they can give u info on cutoff creek wma it is public and plenty of hogs. There are weapon restrictions but they can give u all the info.
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    ms hog huntin

    got hogs in ms might trade sum for a hunt:eek:
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    This guy knows what he's talking about. We piled them up last year.:up:
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    give me a call would like to talk to you 501 732 0551