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  1. I have 6 Hog dog puppies, Only 4 for sale or trade. I also have a Traditions Yucon muzzle loader .50 cal. inline (uses 209 shotgun primers) with a BSA reddot sight mounted and shoot's good. I will make reasonable trades for any items I may have listed or sale. I have a couple of golf carts. They are both electric and both need some work, nothing cosmetic but one needs batteries and a controller. I use 1 myself and you can slip right up on game, they never hear you coming. I have a short video of the puppies if you will text me I will text you back the video, hopefully I'll have a pic of the muzzle loader by the time I start getting text's. Things I'm interested in for trade are: .22 auto W/scope, M15, .30-06 W/scope, any style. 1911 .45 auto, 6 wheel floatable type buggy, 4 wheeler, Other types of guns, No shot guns I already have plenty of those. I would also trade for Beagles already hunting,rabbits or deer.

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    You post that number u just might get a text

  3. Dang what kind of puppies are these.