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    CONLEY RICHIE Well-Known Member

    Most people duck hunt with chest waders I was gonna get some hip boots for trapping.
    Could I use them for duck hunting too. I have never duck hunted before and eventually wanna start
  2. Badbassn

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    Just get some chest waders you can always roll them down. And if it's cold they will keep you warm

  3. Passthrough

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    As long as the water is not deeper than your waders you should be fine.
  4. BDW

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    I have a couple knee-deep potholes that I duck hunt...Sometimes chest waders seem like overkill. Been thinking about getting me a pair.
  5. bdgarne

    bdgarne Well-Known Member

    Waist waders are are pretty good combo. Lacrosse makes some tough ones that aren't as thick as most waders

    CONLEY RICHIE Well-Known Member

    Where can I buy some good but affordable chest waders
  7. BandedWoodrow

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    In my experience over the years, they typically have the best deals over Gander or Macks
  8. webbtoes

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    Find ya some cheap neoprene waders, I bought some on clearance for $25, and cut legs out where you want them. I wear them pumping out pits and deer hunting bottoms when it rains alot. Never had an issue with them staying up by themselves.
  9. crackshot82

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    I just did that to a pair that was leaking in the crotch.
    Some places is not deep and a long walk in. They'll be much easier to walk in.
  10. JDP

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    FT. Thompson pair of Lacrosse hip boots for scouting. They are extremely comfy.