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Discussion in 'Fishing' started by jellybelly, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. jellybelly

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    We have the high school state championship on bull shoals may the 10th. I've never been there and neither has my partner. Does anyone have any tips on what to throw on bull shoals in early may?
  2. We may bring a team or 2 to fish this year.. Wish they would check the AAA calender before setting their tourny dates though.. State Championship seems to fall right in the middle of Regional and State baseball tournies and our guys all play baseball.. Lots of bass tournies at Bull, keep check of the tourny results on the lake in the weeks leading up to it and see what the winners were throwing.. Check the local paper website for results (Baxter county bulletin) also the TBF and FLW websites.. The TBF is holding their National finals there the last week of March..


    BOSWELL HUNTIN Well-Known Member

    my son is starting this at his high school.......we will probably see you there....
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    great time to go to bull ... check back with me end of april , we always have a 2 day club tournament up there last weekend of april.

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    The Elites will be there April 18th thru 21st .If you could go follow them you could probably find some good spots and learn alot.Last year they wore them out on crankbaits. Rapala DT10 & DT14s and wiggle warts.
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    I got invited to go and fish it but i will be in a different tournament on Dardnelle the same day. I'm fishing the Walmart BFL tournaments instead.
  7. Sylamore

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    Crawfish type baits are good. I like a brown Jig and black #11 porkrind on rocky points. Don't forget to try a topwater bait for a while. :thumb: