Hey guys, how were the predator numbers you saw this year?

Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by Cjdavis618, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Cjdavis618

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    Did you see alot of them compared to years past. Trying to get a sense of the population from your areas.

    If you are having a problem with them, or know someone that is, please PM me and I would be glad to try and help them with it. Doesn't matter where in the state.

    I know some of you had asked last year about getting together and trying it with me. If you have time this year, let me know and we can still get some hunting in. :thumb:
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    CJ we have a lease close to malvern that has a problem and I want to learn how to control it.pm me your number and we can talk about setting a date to let you work some of your problem solving on those yotes
    thanks Ray

  3. jdoyle

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    I hunt mainly in Crittenden, Craighead and St. Francis Counties. I don't cyot hunt, but try to shoot them when I see them. I have killed 5 of them while deer hunting this year. I have seen around 15 this winter and hear them pretty regularly in the afternoon's while I am walking out from my stand.
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    Hey Totalcomfort, I tried to PM you but for some reason I can't. Do you have them enabled?
  5. Bologna Gravy

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    Lots of Coyotes

    We have lots of Coyotes compared to years past. This year a large group came through the campsite at least twice while we were there.

    I have dispatched one and several of the other members have missed shots or sent them to doggie heaven.

  6. possum

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    Cj, my BIL has lost a couple calves over the last several weeks and we're hearing a bunch yotes after dark but not seeing many if any during legal shooting hours.

    It's a :censored: shame the AGFC don't trust us to hunt them after dark. I bet for the first 2 or 3 nights I could really put a hurt on them. :thumb:
  7. Cjdavis618

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    I am hearing the same from lots of landowners. My understanding is that the land owner can get the depredation permit for them from AGFC and assign "Designees" that can hunt them at anytime. Maybe some of you can enlighten us from AGFC. It is a problem that needs addressed, and I certainly understand the safety factors involved, but guilty until proven innocent isn't getting us anywhere. :frown:

    I am going on a predator hunt in Texas at the end of the month and the guy I'm meeting down there explained his states rules. Then I explained ours, he liked to fell out of his chair. He said, and I quote. "Do they have any common sense" :head: This is Skeet Jones, he has over 4 million acres of land to hunt in texas, anytime, any weapon, any season. Even Oklahoma is relaxing thier rules now due to an abundance of predators. (And has added a season on mountain lions) One has been taken just outside of AR. border a few miles south west of Van Buren. Rumor is this wasn't a loose kitty from a petting zoo either. :wink:

    AGFC needs to start looking at the rules and regs from the West instead of the East. Otherwise, we are headed for trouble.

    ( Oh, and Arkansas Game and Fish. This was a hunt that I am leaving the state for so I can hunt predators at night. I will be spending lots of money there instead of here because of your decisions. You now have lost revenue and taxes that I now will gladly give to Texas because of support for their state's predator hunters. I'm also having to buy an out of state license to hunt there. That was $35 I think. If only you had a program that would allow hunters to purchase a predator permit that would allow night hunting. Even under the asinine .22 rimfire rules, I would rather accept this here and be restricted than drive to Texas.)
  8. Cjdavis618

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    See if he will get a permit and I'll be your backup. Somebody has to run the light. :wink:
  9. Matt_W

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    We've seen a lot more of them on our lease near Fordyce. I'd love to be able to hunt them with a light.
  10. possum

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    Preach on brother, your getting an Amen from me on this one.
  11. This is the first year I have not seen a bobcat or coyote while on a stand or fiddeling around in the woods. I know they are there. Judging by the turkey population I have seen this year, I think we may not have as many, but hard to say
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  13. possum

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    totalcomfort, I'll check with the bosses and see if we can't get your PM problem fixed. :thumb:
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    I checked the times and I beat you to it by about 8 minutes. I sent him a pm though.
  15. spit-n-drum

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    I have heard a few coyotes, but haven't seen any this year. I have killed a few in my day, but normally let mother nature take care of that issue. I see a bobcat or fox every once in a while, but can't bring myself to kill one of them. I have only seen 12-15 bobcats in my life and sure hope my boys get to see one. I know they are heck on quail, turkeys, etc., but I guess I was raised old school, fox and bobcats are kind of sacred to me. I know I will get some oppostion on that, but I know more people that pass on them than kill them.
  16. longspurs

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    CJ, I've never called up a yote but want to try it. Any tips for a complete greenhorn?
  17. Cjdavis618

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    I can guarantee that more that that have seen you. :thumb: I can understand that, but the only predator that a bobcat has to worry about is time. A Coyote won't bother a bobcat. Now a fox is a different story. A coyote will kill a fox just for competition of food.

    On that, I would recommend watching some calling videos like Randy Anderson or something and try to sound like he does. Better yet, go over to Arkyyoters site and buy yourself one of his calls. They will be much easier to learn on than the production calls from Primos and the like. I don't think sounding perfect is the key, much like we all don't have the same voice. But sounding something like a prey sound or a coyote will increase your odds.:wink:

    Watch your wind direction, and then stay alert. Never hurts to have your gun loaded also.:biggrin:
  18. marrop9999

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    To:soapbox: many of them.I just want to kill them all.

    :nono: :hair: :dead: