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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by Citybuck, Feb 2, 2008.

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    You know, many of these posts are about real good topics like which call do you use and why, what are you mounting this year, which gun/choke, and of course, we all like the pictures of a successful hunt. But there are some that just ***** and moan about the G&F, the ban on spinning wings, over crowding, the poor man getting the shaft and so forth. And while all of those posts have some valid comments, it is kind of like preaching to the choir, we have all had those bad experiences at Bayou Meto or been pissed because of poor water control. But, instead of just venting like the rednecks we are, why don't we start actually thinking through these issues and writing a letter to the G&F commissioners or your state reps/senators.

    I mean it is good that we can get on here and all cry together and blame the problems on something or someone else, but why not actually try to do something productive.

    I have had lunch with a commissioner and thought the time was well spent. Now, did my comments have any affect? I don't know, but there are always three sides to every story and it was good to hear and be heard.

    Lastly, this may not be a very popular in closing...

    ...I am having a pintail, mallard, and ringneck mounted. Wanting to start one of those "Boy's Club" mounts with a drake of every species I can bag on one piece of drift wood. Pintail is from last year and the Mallard and Ringneck from this season. The mallard was of course a fat, redlegged drake taken on the last day of the season and the ringneck was the only one I have ever seen so fully plumed that the marroon strip around it's neck was fully visible all the way around.

    Spinning wings...take'em or leav'em
    RNT Short Barrel or Drake Brake...they are dirty, dirty, dirty talkers to those drake mallards
    Benelli Nova 12 ga with patternmaster modifed choke
    No pictures...took them all on my phone then took a dip with my phone! LOL, it was dang cold!

    Go early, stay late, or stay in bed!
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    Trust me, many on these boards do just that. In fact a BIG portion of the negative feedback the G&FC received on their Duck Zone ideals, and several other harebrained thoughts, came directly from boards such as these.

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    i have written letters to the G&F, they want our opinion. that is all the have to go by, they are politicians. they may not care what we say but the do have to at least hear it....... hey i don't disagree with you on most of what you are saying.
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    you hit that one right on the head I have hunted bayou meto for only a couple of years and have got skunked alot of the times but that is duck hunting for you. I do enjoy just going to the metro just for the view it is very pretty and even if you dont shoot a duck you can allways find someone at the ramp who manged to get into a mess of them and the stories are fun to here how the ducks just poured in:thumb:
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    That is very correct MM. The G&F have people who monitor these boards all the time to feel out how the wind is blowing on certain issues. Does the imformation gathered on forums such as this one & others make a differance? It appears it has in the past, maybe more than the information gathered in their public meeting they hold. People tend to try to be to "Over Professional" when they write a letter or to speak at the public meetings, if they even do at all, but on places like this they tend to be themselfs & lay it out in "Black & White" as to what their true feelings are. Message Boards have become one of the most powerful forces there is in swaying the outcome of what is done on an issue. Some major decissions have been changed 180% just by the imput gathered from these places alone. I will agree, writing letters & making phone calls is still a viable option, but in the Dot Com generation we live in the internet has become the powerful tool for information gathering there is!
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    Thanks for pointing this out guys. I guess i just assumed since nobody ever said "I wrote the AGFC, but I'm going to post here too" that nobody was doing it. That's what I get for assuming. Also assuming the common pattern of my generation...complaining but no action.

    Thanks for all the efforts you guys do that are productive.

    How many days until opening day? Already can't sleep!