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    My Dad called me other day said he caught 6 hogs in his trap I asked him to leave them in there I'd drive down to Winnsboro Texas the next day and help him he said ok. So next day I was loading the truck and he called and said just stay home the hogs got stolen!! Huh?? I said ok and then he called me back a little while later and said they stole his game camera and left 3 gates open cows got out horses too !! Some people just need a kick in the head I'm bout ready to move home and handle this!!
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    What kinda sorry sucker steals a pig? Thats whack! :down:

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    That is sorry :smack:
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    i say we all load up and go stomp a mud hole in someones:censored:
    thats really messed up. yeah stealing is bad but a bunch of horses getting hit on the highway is worse!!!!!:mad:
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    Why can't people just leave stuff that doesn't belong to them alone?
  6. hey when we loading up to go and kick some :censored:
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  7. I'm game :thumb:
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    i trap around the gurdon area all year long and i would have to say that about 50 percent of the hogs i catch get stolen. i have put up cameras before and i find them still there but busted up or they drape a coat over them .... idk. dummies. sorry about your experience
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    :banghead: Sorry guys I thought those hogs were free an I just need a place to put my coat down didn't know that camera was there. :smack:

    Just jokeing I hate that an hope you guys catch them who's doing it to. If you need help let me know. :up:
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    That's the million dollar question. I hate that you had the equipment stolen. Since they were in a trap, would they be considered livestock?
  12. If Winnsboro was closer to me, I'd offer to help keep an eye on things. :up: