Here is what Hunters are up against

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    Retyped this letter to the Editor that was printed yesterday. If this doesn't :mad::censored: I don't know what will.

    Irresponsible hunters
    Shame, shame on you for supporting the cruelty and mistreatment of defenseless animals by publishing photos of slaughtered white tail deer killed by children encouraged by their irresponsible parents. It is bad enough that insecure and insensitive adults do this. But the children? Some as young as 3 years old. It is too bad that these animals can’t shoot back. It would be more courageous and challenging if the so called hunters would shoot at themselves. They could get their kicks that way and at the same time decrease the hunter population. Then they could put their prey’s head on the wall and photo in The Courier.
    J.P. Cuttler
    ASPCA-Central Arkansas Chapter
  2. I beleive this person to be an IDIOT!!!!!! Worthless to the world..........

  3. This idiot places more value on a rats life then a Human........worthless!!
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    the person needs to go hug a tree :idea:
  6. He don't like trees........I would like to see him go rub a rattlesnakes rear.......:thumb:
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    Folks like that have a screw loose anyway. It is sad that they equate the life of a mouse to that of our sons or daughters. It would be a great opportunity for someone in that area to write an educated rebuttle of why hunting is important to conservation and submit it as a letter to the editor. Anyone know anything about the local chapter this guy is a member of?
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    I see you are from Yell County. Is that the Courier printed here in Russellville?
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    Hmm.. Why are animals here other then to provide food and clothing for humans? To look "cute"? Stupid environmentalist! Do people not understand that its a way of life for us? Gah stupid people nowadays.
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    All you can do is pray for people like that...
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    I will work on a good response to submit to the editor of The Courier, maybe as a representative of Arkansas Hunters. Y'all help provide some input of good solid points/arguments and I will piece it together. Though, I know it would be satisfying to come out slinging words like "Idiot" or "Crazy", those don't often help an argument, so we probably don't need any of that.
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    Good, I was hoping someone would do that, I'm not that great at composing something like that, but there are a lot of people on this site that are, Maybe we could get some imput from such as Tony Harris is one that comes to mind.
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    I would thank the editor for supporting hunting and allowing photos to be displayed and list some of the things hunters do for wildlife conservation and you could also mention programs like hunter's feeding the hungry. You could also point out all of the things hunting teaches children as they learn to be responsible hunters. I wouldn't make it an argument, just a thank you.


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    He needs to be hung from a tree!!!:whistle::whistle:
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    some of the best moments of my life have been spent hunting with my family and freinds. I will never forget my first turkey with my dad (who is now gone) or my first deer with him. The same goes for my son,I will never forget those moments either. We as HUNTERS are not all about just killing, it is about time in the woods and being conservationist. If we dont hunt and control the populations of animals there will be NONE. Why is it so hard for some people to understand that?
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    +1 :clap:
  18. Ignorant, uninformed, detached idiots! :banghead:
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    The sad fact is these folks are increasing in numbers. Case in point, the newspaper article. There was a time in Arkansas when that type of hate propoganda wouldn't have been heard. While they are fewer in number than we are they are louder than we are. Stay LOUD and PROUD get hooked up with pro-hunting organizations!! :flag::up: