Help with Deep Frying Duck Breast

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  1. maddog

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    I am thinking about trying to deep fry some duck breast this weekend. I would appreciate ANY recipes or suggestions.
  2. Manybeards

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    Best advice-grill it

  3. ace777

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    the only way i have ever fried it is to make "chicken fingers" out of it. cut each breast half into 4-5 pieces. marinating in buttermilk overnight really helps, but it's not absolutely neccessary. beat a couple of eggs to dip pieces into. dry the pieces on paper towels before dipping in eggs to make everything stick better. season some flour with salt pepper and tony's or cavenders. dip in egg and then flour and fry hot and fast until just done (meat should still be a little pink in the middle) you can serve with the same dipping sauces that you would use for chicken fingers if you like:thumb:

    but i also agree with manybeards, i like mine gilled better:biggrin:
  4. quax

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    Cut each breast into small strips. Place those into a milk, 2 egg, (can add some beer if you want) wash. Take them out of there and put into a gallon Ziplock or bag of flour, garlic powder, and salt . Shake it well. Take out and put back into milk wash, then back into batter again, shaking well. The double dipping is the key to getting the batter to stick well. Then throw into a fry daddy, fish cooker, or cast iron skillet.

    when you take them out of the grease, put on plate lined with paper towels.

    Make a dipping sauce of butter and louisiana hot sauce (not tobasco).

    Fine eating - me and R2G had this last night. You won't be disappointed:thumb:
  5. Buba Garrett

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    Quax has it right!!! Only good way I know-dont deep fry like a turkey- it becomes a hockey puck:smack:
  6. TheBattman

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    Add a bit of Louisiana Hot Sause to the egg/milk wash.... it does make a difference!
  7. CrabClaw

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    Just like the other guts said, but marinate for two days in milk-italian dressing-or some other-then cut in small bite size pieces-season well with cavenders-etc. as stated above-get you a good breading and fry hot and quickly-careful easy to overcook.
  8. maddog

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    Thanks guys! They were a hit last night and GREAT!